Zone C General Gun Season Opens Nov. 7

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Hurricane Zeta Update

Due to potential storm impacts from Hurricane Zeta, hunters should check the open/closed status of the WMA they wish to visit before heading afield. To prepare for and weather a storm, please use Florida’s extensive resources at

Are You Ready for the Zone C General Gun Season Opener?

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Florida’s Zone C general gun deer season begins on lands outside of the wildlife management area system. Zone C is Florida’s largest hunting zone, encompassing the central and northern part of the state. The general gun season in that zone runs through Jan. 24. Please see the checklist below to make sure you’re ready!

  • Make a plan to log and report harvested deer. If you’re going to use the Fish|Hunt FL app download it from Apple App Store or Google Play before you head afield. If you’re going to log and report at, bookmark the link now so you can quickly navigate to the webpage. And if you’re using a paper harvest log, print extra copies to take with you and also make sure you have this number on speed dial to report your harvested deer: 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356).
  • Check to make sure your license and permits haven’t expired. You’ll need a current Florida hunting license and a deer permit. In addition, if you’re planning to hunt on a wildlife management area, you’ll will need a management area permit. Get more information about Florida hunting licenses and permits, hunting season dates and information about deer management units.
  • Brush up on bag limits. The annual statewide bag limit is 5 deer per hunter of which no more than 2 deer can be antlerless (any deer, except a spotted fawn, without antlers or whose antlers are less than five inches in length). The annual statewide bag limit for deer applies to all hunters, including those exempt from hunting license/permit requirements. Visit our deer hunting rules FAQs to learn more.
  • Review antler regulations and boundaries for each deer management unit in Zone C.
  • If you're planning to hunt a wildlife management area, always check the WMA's open/closed status before you go.

For more deer hunting resources, visit Have a fun and safe hunt!

Photo courtesy of GC Parker

2 male white-tailed deer

Youth Deer Hunt Weekends

Youth Deer Hunting

Youth deer hunting weekends are a great way to spend time with a young person, pass along your hunting knowledge and skills, and create a new conservationist in the process! Youth Deer Hunting Weekends are available for youth 15-years-old and younger who are supervised by an adult (18 years or older). The Saturday-Sunday youth hunt coincides with each zone’s muzzleloading gun season. Although this hunt is not available on wildlife management areas (WMAs), the FWC has been hosting youth and family deer hunts on WMAs for many years.

Mark your calendar for Youth Deer Hunting Weekends in Zones B, C and D (Zone A’s Youth Deer Hunting Weekend was Sept. 12-13).

  • Zone B: Nov. 28-29
  • Zone C: Oct. 31-Nov. 1
  • Zone D: Dec. 5-6

Learn more about Youth Deer Hunting Weekend bag limits, allowed methods of take and more. Find other youth and family hunting opportunities.

Provide Input on Draft Rule Changes for 2021-22 Hunting Seasons, Restricted Hunting Areas, and Game Farms and Hunting Preserves

FWC staff are at the beginning stages of rule development and are seeking input on the following draft rule changes.

2021-22 hunting seasons and FWC-managed areas

If you haven't shared your feedback on draft rule changes related to FWC-managed lands and 2021-22 hunting seasons, please do so now. We’re seeking input on a package of hunting-related draft rule changes, including one, which if passed, would prohibit importing or possessing carcasses or certain parts therefrom of all members of the deer family originating from outside of Florida. This rule amendment is being proposed to reduce the risk of chronic wasting disease (CWD) being introduced into or spread throughout Florida. View all proposed rule changes and provide your input.

Restricted hunting areas

In response to stakeholder input and concerns, the FWC is proposing draft rule changes to provide clear, objective criteria for establishing restricted hunting areas (RHAs). We’re providing opportunities to learn more and provide comment via an online commenting tool and a series of webinars. View the webinar schedule and learn how to join one of these virtual meetings. 

Game farms and hunt preserves

The FWC's Captive Wildlife Section is reviewing rules for Hunt Preserves, Rule 68A-12.010 F.A.C. and Game Farms, Rule 68A-12.011 F.A.C.  and are seeking input on modifying the hunting preserve rule language. Currently, this rule limits the size to a maximum of 10,000 acres, and the proposed modification is no maximum size. Another potential modification is to include language within current rules to allow for the sale of native white-tailed deer venison from game farms and hunting preserve licensees that are dissolving their business. View the proposals and take this short survey before midnight on Oct. 30, 2020.

Snipe Hunters: Collect and Submit Feathers to Support New Research Project

Snipe hunting

Snipe season opens Nov. 1 and this year, the FWC is asking hunters to support a research project to better understand this migratory game bird by collecting and submitting feathers from harvested snipe to the FWC. If you harvest a snipe, please submit only the first primary feather from the right wing, along with this snipe harvest form by mailing it or dropping it off at T.M. Goodwin, c/o Mark McBride, 3200 TM Goodwin Rd., Fellsmere, FL 32948.

The flight pattern of snipe is as unpredictable as the stock market, which makes hunting them exciting and fun. Did you know Florida is one of the top states in the nation for snipe hunting? Snipe are an abundant and widespread shorebird mostly found in shallow wetlands, low pastures, and open shorelines of lakes and ponds. So if you’re planning to pursue them, get a good pair of boots and be ready to trudge through the mud! Snipe also are good to eat when properly prepared.

Snipe season runs Feb. 15. Learn more about hunting waterfowl and snipe in Florida and find season dates, bag limits and other regulations information for migratory game birds.

Hunting Season Dates

2020-2021 resident game and furbearers hunting season dates 

Note: Seasons, dates and bag limits do not apply to wildlife management areas.

Zone A

  • General gun season: Reopens Nov. 21 and runs through Jan. 3, 2021

Zone B

  • Archery season: Runs through Nov. 15
  • Crossbow season: Runs through Nov. 20
  • Muzzleloading gun season: Nov. 21 - Dec. 4
  • Youth deer hunt weekend: Nov. 28 - 29 
  • General gun season: Dec. 5 - Feb. 21, 2021

Zone C

  • Muzzleloading gun season: Runs through Nov. 6
  • Youth deer hunt weekend: Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 
  • General gun season: Nov. 7 - Jan. 24, 2021

Zone D

  • Archery season: Runs through Nov. 25
  • Crossbow season: Runs through Nov. 25; Reopens Nov. 30 - Dec. 4
  • General gun season: Nov. 26-29 and Dec. 12 - Feb. 21, 2021
  • Youth deer hunt weekend: Dec. 5 - 6 
  • Muzzleloading gun season: Dec. 5 - 11 and Feb. 22 - 28, 2021

Other hunting season dates

  • Gray squirrel season runs statewide through March 7, 2021.
  • Quail season opens statewide Nov. 14 and runs through March 7, 2021.

2020-2021 Florida migratory bird hunting season dates 

Note: Seasons and dates may not apply to wildlife management areas.

  • Duck: Nov. 21-29 and Dec. 12 - Jan. 31, 2021
  • Snipe: Nov. 1 - Feb. 15, 2021
  • Dove (mourning and white-winged): Nov. 14 - Dec. 6 and Dec. 19 - Jan. 31, 2021

Public Hunting Opportunities

Learn about the following public hunting opportunities: quota hunts, special opportunity hunts and national wildlife refuge hunts. Also, find deadlines to apply for these hunts. 

Returned waterfowl and quota hunt permits may be applied for throughout the season during weekly reissue application periods. Permit availability is shown in real time, and weekly reissue applications are available for hunters between noon on Saturdays through noon on Tuesdays, with results posted at

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Hunter Safety and Treestand Safety Courses

People born after May 31, 1975, must complete the FWC’s hunter safety class before they can buy the type of hunting license that allows them to legally hunt alone. Hunter safety courses cover firearms safety, wildlife conservation, responsible hunting and more. FWC’s website offers several online courses including a FREE option. After the online portion is complete, students must sign up and attend a skills day. Learn more about Florida’s hunter safety course options.

Also, brush up on treestand safety through a FREE, fast and easy-to-understand course.

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