Ridge Rangers September 2018 Newsletter

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Ridge Rangers Banner Photo
Ridge Rangers are volunteers restoring wildlife habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge and nearby areas in Central Florida.

September 2018

Two Restoration Plantings Completed, One To Go...

Ridge Rangers plant the east line on August 4
August 4, 2018: Ridge Rangers complete the planting of 250 native scrub plants along the first of three irrigation lines. Tank & tower in the background providing plenty of water for the new plants!

Ridge Rangers plant along an irrigation line on August 25
August 25, 2018: Ridge Rangers work along the second irrigation line, planting another 250 native scrub plants.

Blazing Star planted on August 4 goes into bloom
A fisheye lens shows some of the area planted on August 4, including a Blazing Star (Liatris sp.) that just sprouted a flower stalk and went into bloom!

FWC and the Ridge Rangers have begun the habitat restoration of a former citrus grove at the Royce Unit (near Lake Placid), starting with a one-acre site which will have 750 native scrub plants, all under irrigation for one year. The first 500 plants are in the ground and doing great, and to complete the project we’ve got just one more planting of 250 on September 8 ... looking for help!

 See https://outreach.myfwc.com/event/RoyceSeptember2018