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November 2023

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A Message From The Director


Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Friends, 

As the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP) is now a few weeks past its one year anniversary, our goal is to reflect on year one, and continue to build upon the great work the team has done to date. While we are welcoming many new faces to the agency as we expand DLCP's reach, I’m happy to say that many of the senior leaders who helped ensure stability during the creation of the agency have decided to stay with us as we enter the next phase of that work. 

In the coming months, we will focus on improving services for both our employees and customers, ensuring the stability of our critical systems, and planning for the future of business licensing and consumer protection in the District. I am also excited to announce that our team is currently working to improve our website, making it more user-friendly and intuitive, so that you can easily find what you need in a few short clicks. 

In line with this customer-focused approach, we're thrilled to introduce our new blog, "The Expeditor." This blog will serve as a dynamic, less formal, resource for those we serve. Stay tuned for updates! 

In the meantime, we have added a few ways for you to give us feedback on the changes we are making, and what you would like to see. For comments on the blog or website, please email us at: dlcp@dc.gov.

Best Regards,

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Tiffany Crowe

Announcements and Messages

Exciting News: Tiffany Crowe Takes The Helm As The Permanent Director at DLCP!

Tiffany Crowe's confirmation as the permanent DLCP Director was met with resounding approval by the Committee on Public Works and Operations in the District of Columbia Council on November 7, 2023. Her journey in this role commenced when Mayor Muriel Bowser first appointed her as the Acting Director on September 7, 2023.

With this confirmation, Director Crowe assumes the significant position of being the first permanent Director of DLCP following its transformation from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). This marks a momentous milestone in the agency's evolution, and we are excited to witness her leadership in this new era.

Read More about other recent confirmations here.

Driving Success: DLCP Team Amplifies Support For Roadway Vendors


On Monday, November 13, Director Tiffany Crowe hosted a meeting with Korean and Vietnamese roadway vendors in the District. In collaboration with the Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (MOAPIA), the meeting provided vendors with an opportunity to express their concerns regarding operational challenges along DC streets, specifically along Constitution Avenue, the National Mall, 15th, and 17th Streets.

Members of the DLCP enforcement and compliance team were also present, offering insights and recommendations on how vendors can effectively report any instances of illegal activity.

DLCP remains dedicated to fostering an environment for consumers to thrive in the District. Should you observe any business violations, we encourage you to file a complaint through our website. Your cooperation ensures the continued enhancement of business practices within our community.

In The Community: DLCP Walkthrough On H Street

Business walkthrough

In the spirit of fostering community engagement and collaboration, DLCP recently partnered with the Mayor's Office of Community Affairs (MOCA) to conduct a walkthrough of the H Street business corridor.

The primary goal of this community walk was to promote open communication between small business owners and DLCP. This enabled them to express their concerns and collectively seek practical solutions. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to nurturing stronger relationships, with the aim of boosting economic growth and community well-being.

The H Street business corridor has consistently played a crucial role in local commerce. It hosts a diverse array of small businesses that significantly contribute to DC's economy, ranging from boutiques to cafes. 

The walkthrough between DLCP and MOCA is a significant step towards building stronger connections between local government and small business owners. By actively listening to the concerns of these entrepreneurs and taking concrete steps to address them, DLCP is establishing the groundwork for a more resilient and vibrant small business community.

Small Business Resource Center


DLCP's Business and Professional Licensing Administration Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) was established with a clear mission: to make starting a business in the District of Columbia easier.

The SBRC serves as a support hub for individuals looking to start or manage a business in the District. It offers guidance through the process of regulatory procedures, providing essential information, guidelines, and support for success in today's dynamic business environment.

The SBRC staff will assist stakeholders in navigating the regulatory processes essential for mastering the fundamental steps of acquiring a business license. These steps encompass, among others:

  • Engaging in in-depth discussions about your position within the registration process.
  • Acquiring knowledge of the registration procedures for various corporate structures (e.g., Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Non-Profit, etc.).
  • Completing registration processes with the DC Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR).
  • Fulfilling registration processes with the Department of Buildings (DOB) Zoning Division (e.g., Certificate of Occupancy and/or Home Occupancy Permit).
  • Providing opportunities and resources for business advancement, fostering the initiation, growth, or expansion of your business model.

DLCP's staff and resources in the SBRC division are here for you. To join us for these upcoming call sessions and events, click here.

SBRC's Business Bootcamp|Empowering Entreprenuers

coach 1

The SBRC, an integral part of DLCP's Business and Professional Licensing Administration, has been championing entrepreneurs for more than a decade. As a one-stop shop, the SBRC offers training and consultation services to streamline the business startup process in the District.

Recently, the SBRC organized the successful General Business License Bootcamp, a two-part workshop bringing together more than 30 participants. This hands-on event guided entrepreneurs through navigating regulatory procedures and obtaining a basic business license.

The first session, completed in two weeks, addressed requirements from the Internal Revenue Service, DC Tax and Revenue, and the DLCP Corporations Division. The second session involved active participation, marking the third in a series of quarterly sessions demonstrating SBRC's commitment to supporting local businesses.

coach 2

Beyond these workshops, the SBRC also recently hosted the fifth annual Business Speed Coaching event, a milestone achieved through collaboration with key District government entities. Held at the prestigious R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center in Ward 8, this event facilitated meaningful connections between clients, government departments, and non-profit organizations. Attendees engaged in 15-minute one-on-one sessions with business experts covering topics such as Business Financing, Licensing, Planning, and Corporate Registration.

sbrc 4

The SBRC went beyond sharing information, providing participants with opportunities for personal growth, networking expansion, challenge overcoming, and inspiration finding. As the catalyst for entrepreneurial success in the District, the SBRC's lasting impact is woven into the success stories of nurtured businesses and uplifted communities.


We are proud to organize informative public events like this, as they offer attendees the chance to grow personally, expand their network, tackle challenges, and find inspiration.

Stay informed of upcoming SBRC events. We regularly host small business workshops that are free of charge.

Historic Preservation Seminar|Enhancing Influence with Increased Participation

real estate 1

Real estate agents and appraisers in DC gathered at the Historic Preservation Seminar to obtain vital insights into their field. This informative event provided a two-hour session of knowledge and brought together real estate experts from the wider region.

With more than 30 enthusiastic participants, the seminar was not only a networking opportunity but also a chance to earn continuing education credits, essential for both real estate licenses and appraiser certifications.

The highlight of the seminar was a presentation that explored significant architectural features and styles that potential homebuyers should be aware of in DC's residential neighborhoods. Attendees gained knowledge about navigating city-wide databases, enabling them to access essential property information, such as construction dates and any associated stop work orders.

real estate 2
real estate 4

This seminar was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the DC Preservation League and received generous support from the DC Real Estate Commission and the DC Board of Real Estate Appraisers. It played a crucial role in equipping real estate professionals, regardless of their experience levels, with practical knowledge that can significantly benefit their careers.

Join Us|We're Hiring !


At DLCP, we are committed to following Mayor Bowser's goal to build a team of the best and brightest employees to both work and live in the District. 

We are currently seeking talented professionals who possess a relevant skill set and strong desire to serve the residents and businesses of the District. To learn more about the career opportunities, visit dlcp.dc.gov/jobs.

Contact Us

Contact DLCP via email, or our online inquiry form at any time. We’re also available through the live chat on dlcp.dc.gov or by phone at 202-671-4500 during normal business hours.