Serve DC Newsletter: July 2023 Edition

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Letter from the Mayor


Mayor Muriel Bowser is creating a stronger, more resilient, connected, and equitable DC. To get a glimpse of the important work happening across all eight wards, read Mayor Bowser's "Letter to Washingtonians" here

Letter from the Director


Greetings Service Ambassadors, 

Happy July! 

DC Summer is here and we couldn't be more excited for all that has been happening in the District and all the events to come. With school being out, we are seeing so many parts of our city activating and reenergizing like never before and, our team at Serve DC, stand at the ready to deliver on all of our goals and meet the mark in order to deliver on Mayor Bowser's vision and deliver for our residents. 

Partnerships create possibilities. And last week, we hosted our opening ceremony for Serve DC’s 11th Annual Summer Youth Emergency Preparedness Academy (SYEPA)! This program actualizes the legacy of Mayor Marion Barry and delivers on the promises of Mayor Bowser to ensure all Washingtonians have a fair shot and a pathway to the middle class. Over the next six weeks, over 40 youth will learn what it means to be prepared and empowered civic leaders within our community. The program includes life-saving and sustaining skills like First Aid/CPR, CERT and emergency management, financial literacy, college and career readiness through agency and campus tours and visits, subject matter expert presentations, content creation, and weekly community service and team building opportunities.  

Through our signature partnership with JP Morgan and in  collaboration with our intradistrict partners from the Department of Employment Services (DOES), DC Fire and EMS, and DC HSEMA, we are the only office across District Government that is able to provide our youth $20 per hour in this incredibly enriching program that will open their minds and spirits and better prepare them for a career in emergency preparedness down the road.

With our Spirit of Service Awards in the horizon as well as the Closing Ceremony for SYEPA set for the end of the summer, you can count on the fact that we will not be slowing down. We were able to design and deliver a one-of-a-kind program that will ensure our youth participants earn $20 per hour and that is only the beginning. We are determined to continue to posture our time and efforts to serve as a connector, creator of service, community convener, capacity-builder and conductor of donations and resources that our city and residents - across all eight wards, deserve.  

In this spirit, please check out our recently published June Funding alert! These grant offerings and resources are available to you and your networks.  

In partnership and collaboration,

Alexis L. Squire

Director and Chief Service Officer

2023 Summer Youth Emergency Preparedness Academy


On Monday, June 26, on behalf of Mayor Muriel Bowser, we kicked off our 2023 Summer Youth Emergency Preparedness Academy Opening Ceremony at the Student Center at UDC. 

The youth, and their families, were able to enjoy a celebratory opening ceremony where we laid out our goals and plans for our youth. 

A huge thank you to our partners at JP Morgan Chase who, year after year, continue to invest and support our District youth by opening doors to emergency preparedness career pathways. 

Public Safety Partnership with DoorDash

door dash

Our Mayor is serious when she says we are committed to using every tool at our disposal to address any of our city’s great challenges, especially public safety. So, on Wednesday, June 7, we were able to be a part of the unveiling of Mayor Bowser's new public safety partnership with DoorDash. 

At Serve DC, we are so excited to ideate and collaborate with passionate partners across government and the private sector, that are committed to ensuring our city's solutions are shaped with shared investments. As Mayor Bowser said, "If someone comes to us with a good idea, we are ready to be your partner."

Thanks to DoorDash for the generous $500,000 donation to ensure our city's food delivery and ride-share workers are equipped and empowered to advance safety within our city. 

Please read more on this partnership here

Pride 2023


Last month, our team - alongside our Mayor and District residents - celebrated our #DCValues and the #DistrictofPride with the raising of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag at the John A. Wilson Building. 

The Bowser Administration is committed to celebrating inclusivity and we are proud to support our LGBTQIA+ community during Pride month and continue that celebration of identity and dignity every month. 



Last month, we also honored Juneteenth by doing what we do best - serving in community and highlighting our work with our partners at the Latin American Youth Center! 

Juneteenth reminds us that the fight for freedom, like the fight for democracy and full representation, continues.

Points of Light Conference


Last month, several Serve DC members got to represent our office at the 2023 Points of Light Conference in Chicago, IL. The Points of Light Conference provided the tools, insights, and connections to further our teams' collective understanding of social impact and service. Our team members attended sessions on building community equity, disaster preparedness, health equity and so much more. 

Learn more here.