DC Board of Funeral Directors Newsletter

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Summer 2019 | Volume #1 | Issue #1




Message From the Board


Welcome to the DC Board of Funeral Directors' inaugural newsletter. You serve a vital role in providing not only care for the deceased, but support and guidance for decedents' families and friends. The Board protects the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the District by ensuring that individuals engaged in funeral needs have the specialized skills and training required to perform such services for the public. In each newsletter, you'll find news, events, educational information, helpful hints, and more. 


Current Board Members & Staff


  • John McGuire – Chair, Funeral Director
  • Asanti Williams – Funeral Director
  • Duane Hills – Funeral Director
  • Randolph Horton – Funeral Director
  • Ernest Boykin – Consumer Member
  • Cynthia Briggs – Executive Director
  • Andrew Jackson – Board Administrator
  • Kevin Cyrus – Education Coordinator



News & Updates



Upon a motion duly made by Board member Duane Hills and properly seconded by Board Member Asanti Williams, the Board unanimously voted to accept the updated test questions on the funeral director and apprentice funeral director examinations as written by the Board of Funeral Directors’ exam committee and with the option to ratify the test at a future date. The Board requested to review the final draft of the exams.

Proposed Rulemaking


The Board unanimously voted to approve the proposed rulemaking to amend Chapter 30 regulations.

Pre-Need Contracts


Board Administrator Andrew Jackson informed the Board of the pre-need contract application within the licensing database. Instructions on how to access the application will be sent to the board members to test the application and provide feedback. Mr. Jackson provided instructions on entering pre-need contracts into the system.  Board Chair John McGuire instructed the Board to review instructions and enter in pre-need contracts and be prepared to discuss the pre-need contract process at the next meeting.

2019 Practitioners Forum


The Board elected to focus on the following topics for the 2019 DC Board of Funeral Directors Practitioners Forum:


  1. Active Shooter
  2. Vital Records
  3. Fire & EMS – Support for Obese
  4. DC Medical Examiner Office



Board Information


Remaining 2019 Board Meetings

The Board meets on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs located at 1100 4th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024.


August - Recess

September 5

October 3

November 7

December 5


Visit us online.

Upcoming Events

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Advancing Service Delivery Continuing Education Forum  – October 11, 2019

ICFSEB Conference – February 26–28, 2019 (San Diego, CA)


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