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The District envisions a coordinated “No Wrong Door” System across partner agencies, which is person/family centered and cultural and linguistic competent, that will support people in need of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), regardless of where they enter the service system. More>>

Past Present and Future
No Wrong Door Inintaitive looks at past accomplishments, 2018 and beyond.

 No Wrong Door Semi-Annual Update

The District of Columbia’s No Wrong Door (NWD) initiative is now midway through its third and final year of implementation. We have made important progress toward our vision of streamlined access and an enhanced the Front Door experience for District residents in need of long term services and supports (LTSS). To actualize and advance our vision, we implemented a variety of activities across our different core areas.  Over the last six-months:

  •  We organized and hosted the District’s first NWD Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) Celebration recognizing over 100 PCT trainers, coaches and leaders throughout the District of Columbia. This event was an opportunity for the District to come together and create a shared vision for PCT for 2018 and beyond.
  •  Established the NWD Interagency Manager’s Workgroup to build a network of ongoing collaboration at the front door for LTSS. Through NWD, the DC Office on Aging will lead the interagency meetings, which support sustainability efforts beyond the NWD grant.
  •  Developed an RN/LPN-Focused Person-Centered Thinking Training in collaboration with the Georgetown UCEDD. The development of this training, and its accreditation through the DC Board of Nursing, agency partners within the medical field and builds trust that the NWD team listens to and acts on stakeholder and partner needs.
  •  Led the District’s Community of Practice in Cultural and Linguistic Competency (CoP/CLC). We engaged a highly collaborative multi-agency/stakeholder group focused on developing sustainable CLC strategies, which can be reflected in policies, structures and practices. A major goal is to increase awareness and better engage underserved populations that have been harder to reach due to cultural and linguistic differences and barriers.

To ensure sustainability of our efforts, over the next months we will:

  •  Organize and host the 2nd annual interagency Front Door Summit focused on enhancing the front door experience of people in need in LTSS.  
  • Launch the NWD resource portal for the public, unifying information from all NWD partners creating the first centralized LTSS information hub.
  • Continue collaborating with agencies on sustainability beyond the life of the grant. 

Click here to view the April Semi- Annual Report

Snapshot | July 2018

Summer Time

This summer edition of the No Wrong Door (NWD) Newsletter highlights the results of the NWD semi-annual report, status updates, upcoming training events, classes, etc. 

Dates & Events


Here are a few activities happening with the No Wrong Door partners.

 Event Calendars & Newsletters

NWD Kicks Off DC Support Link Resource Portal Usability Testing

DC Support Link Page

The NWD team is excited to kickoff Usability Testing of the DC Support Link Resource Portal.  The purpose behind usability testing is to get feedback from users and enhance a user's experience.  Usability testing is a very effective and a proven way to identify and fix product-related issues to deliver an amazing user experience.  Usability Testing will be administered to the NWD initiatives core partners frontline staff that assist people at the front door.

Testing of the resource portal will focus on actual behavioral patterns of  users and then design solutions based on those experiences.  Through testing, the NWD team will be able to identify what is useful, functional, learnable and delightful for our users.  Testing will give NWD staff an inside look on what users think and how they interact with certain elements, content etc.

The feedback from the usability test will drive final customization of the resource portal in preparation for a public launch in September 2018.  


Summer Summit

FDS August 2018

DDS's No Wrong Door Initiative (also called DC Support Link) will host its 2nd Annual inter-agency summit focused on enhancing the front door experience for District residents in need of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and their families. Last year's summit was a blast, so...let's do it again! 

The summit will be Friday, August 10 from 9am-5pm at Gallaudet University.

Contact Phillip Williams at for more details.


Upcoming PCT Training (July-Sept.)

PCT Meeting

Person-Centered Thinking Training is an introductory course focused on the core concepts of person-centered service provision and planning. This is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for people enrolled in home and community-based services offered through the Medicaid waiver.

This two-part training is structured to help participants understand the importance of coordinated support, building relationships and community connections, and creating a culture of learning and accountability throughout the service system.

The training includes group activities around real-life scenarios, allowing participants to practice organizing information gained through discovery, everyday learning, and management tools.

July 24 (Part I) & July 25 (Part II) from 9:00am—4:30pm

August 15 (Part I) &  August 16 (Part II) from 9:00am—4:30pm

September 12 (Part I) & September 13 (Part II) from 9:00am—4:30pm

Government agency staff can register through PeopleSoft. All other providers and community members can register by contacting Lee Anne Brantley at

Please join us!

colorful people

Community of Practice on Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Developmental Disabilities (CoP/CLC)

Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Time: 1-3 p.m.            
Location:  DDS – 250 E St. SW

DDS leads the District’s CoP in CLC, in which we come together on an ongoing basis to share ideas, provide technical assistance and support among peers, and discuss solutions to shared challenges in embedding cultural and linguistic competence principles and practices within the developmental disabilities system. 

 If you are interesting in attending or have questions, please contact Mark Agosto, No Wrong Door Project Manager at

Accessibility:  The space and bathrooms at DDS are wheelchair accessible. To request additional accommodations, including language access, please contact Lee Anne Brantley at

Get Involved: DC’s Person-Centered Thinking Learning Community

PCT Workshop

The District of Columbia’s Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) Learning Community entered 2018 by recommitting to its vision of energizing interagency service professionals and people receiving long-term supports and services. The Learning Community is dedicated to getting real results from person and family centered thinking and practices

Moving into its third year, participants of the Learning Community have clarified their vision, mission, core values, and commitments for the year ahead.

Responding to feedback provided in previous meetings, the DC Learning Community has committed to adapting the current two-day in-person DC Person-Centered Thinking Training to the needs and experiences of support professionals working as Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, and Direct Support Professionals. If you are interested in contributing your point of view, expertise, or experience to the adaptation of the curriculum, please attend our meetings!

The DC PCT Learning Community meets on the fourth Friday of every month from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Department on Disability Services

250 E Street, SW 

Washington, DC 20024  

If you are interested in attending, have any questions, or would like to take a person-centered thinking training, please contact Emily Price at

No Wrong Door Overview

The front door experience in accessing long-term services and supports (LTSS) begins with the first encounter between agency staff and a person seeking LTSS.  DDS's No Wrong Door Initiative | DC Support Link is a network of government and non-profit organizations focused on enhancing the front door experience for District residents in need of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and their families.The agencies involved are the Department on Disability ServicesDC Office on AgingDepartment of Behavioral HealthDepartment of Human Services and the Department of Health Care Finance.

Visit the No Wrong Door for more information.

No Wrong Door Project Team

Program Director
Erin Leveton

Grant Administrator  
Rebecca Salon

Program Manager   
Mark Agosto  

Business Analyst  
Robin Barnes

Marketing & Outreach Lead
Phillip S. Williams

Person-Centered Lead
Lee Anne Brantley