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January, 2018

The DC Department of Human Services is pleased to share this e-news bulletin announcing news and information about DHS programs, services and resources. 

Mayors for Housing

Mayor Bowser, City Leaders Gather in DC to Launch "Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment"

In this Issue:

2018 Point-In-Time Count

Rapid Rehousing: An Effective Tool to End Homelessness

"Home for the Holidays" and other DHS Initiatives Strikes Cord with DHS Intern


2018 Point-In-Time Count

The District held it's 2018 Point-in-Time Count on Wednesday, January 24th. The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness organized and conducted the annual census of persons experiencing homelessness with the support of volunteers, advocates, local and federal partners, and DHS employees...[more]


Rapid Rehousing: An Effective Tool to End Homelessness

Serving approximately 1,300 families each year, the rapid rehousing concept is simple: provide families with assistance for housing, security deposits, temporary rental assistance and a host of stabilization services...[more]


"Home for the Holidays" and other DHS Initiatives Strikes Cord with Agency Intern

DHS intern Isaiah Cromer shares what he's learned during his time at the agency as an intern in the DHS Public Affairs and Communication Divisions...[more]

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Budget Engagement Forums

Wednesday, February 21 
University of District of Columbia - Student Center
4200 Connecticut Avenue NW

Thursday, February 22
Watkins Elementary School 
420 12th St SE

Saturday, February 24
Kramer Middle School
1700 Q St SE 

For updates and times, visit mayor.dc.gov

DHS Education Explosion


(This event will be held on Wednesday, February 21st not Saturday, February 24th) 

Wednesday, February 21

10 AM - 3 PM
UDC-CC Bertie Backus

5171 S. Dakota Ave. NE
(near the Fort Totten Metro station on the Red, Yellow, and Green lines


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