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The District envisions a coordinated “No Wrong Door” System across partner agencies, which is person/family centered and cultural and linguistic competent, that will support people in need of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), regardless of where they enter the service system. More>>

BST Event pics
Click image to view photos from the Bringing Stars Together Celebration (March 2018)

 Stars Came Together for PCT Celebration 

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In March, DDS's No Wrong Door Initiative | DC Support Link hosted a celebration for Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) trainers, coaches and leaders throughout the District entitled Bringing Stars Together. This event was created to celebrate the selfless and tireless acts of PCT participants whose efforts often go unrecognized. 

Attendees included representatives from No Wrong Door Partner agencies including the Department on Disability ServicesDC Office on AgingDepartment of Behavioral HealthDepartment of Human Services Department of Health Care Finance and the Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs (MOVA) and service providers such as Metro Homes, RCM of Washington, NCC, Capital Care Day Program and Progressive Habilitative Day Program.

Attendees were treated to guest speakers such as:

  •  Andrew Reese, DDS Director
  • Shawn Terrell, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lisa Meyer, Person-Centered Thinking Facilitation Trainer
  • Claudia Schlolsberg, State Medicaid Director
  • Sara Tribe-Clark, Associate Director, DCOA

The highlight of the event came during the group activity portion of the celebration, when each table shared their artistic vision for the evolution of PCT in the District. Each group talked about lessons learned, success stories and the impact PCT has had on their work.

This insightful activity was a great prelude to the certificate ceremony, which that recognized each individual for their commitment to the PCT journey. 

Overall, the event was a success because the attendees "felt like stars," but don't take our word for it.  Here is what a few attendees had to say in our follow-up survey:

  • "People gained information on how PCT is implemented in our community."  
  • "It was well organized. The event had a great flow."
  • "The award and tee shirt presentation should continue. Great celebration!"

     Click Here to View photos from the event

    Snapshot | April 2018

    Autism Awareness month

    This issue of the NWD newsletter highlights the District’s first-ever Person-Centered Thinking Celebration: “Bringing Stars Together,” event photos,
     upcoming trainings and more.

    Dates & Events


    Here are a few activities happening with the No Wrong Door partners.

     Event Calendars & Newsletters

    Did You Know?

    Apple Emojis for people with disabilities

    Apple is proposing 13 new "accessibility emojis" to represent people with disabilities. If Apple's proposal is well-received, these emojis will become official in 2019, and would become available on iPhones and some Android phones in the second half of that year. (Business Insider, 3/26/18).

    Upcoming PCT Training (May/June)

    Person-Centered Thinking Training is an introductory course focused on the core concepts of person-centered service provision and planning. This is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for people enrolled in home and community-based services offered through the Medicaid waiver.

    This two-part training is structured to help participants understand the importance of coordinated support, building relationships and community connections, and creating a culture of learning and accountability throughout the service system.

    The training includes group activities around real-life scenarios, allowing participants to practice organizing information gained through discovery, everyday learning, and management tools.

    May 21st (Part I) & 22nd (Part II) from 9:00am—4:30pm

    June 18th (Part I) & 19th (Part II) from 9:00am—4:30pm

    Government agency staff can register through PeopleSoft. All other providers and community members can register by contacting Lee Anne Brantley at leeanne.brantley@dc.gov.

    PCT Summer Flyer_2018

    Summer Summit

    Front Door Summit_ June

    DDS's No Wrong Door Initiative (also called DC Support Link) will host it's 2nd Annual inter-agency summit focused on enhancing the front door experience for District residents in need of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and their families. Last year's summit was a blast, so...let's do it again! 

    The summit will be in June (date TBD) at Gallaudet University.
    More details coming soon.

    Leading & Connecting with a Cultural & Linguistic Competency Lens

    CLC meeting_2018

    One of the core elements for the District’s No Wrong Door (NWD) initiative is to cultivate a culturally and linguistically competent (CLC) system to improve access to long-term services and supports – starting at the “Front Door.”  Much of the NWD focus involves engaging Front Door agency staff – greeters, intake, outreach, and supervisors - in dialogue around cultural and linguistic competency, exploring collaborative approaches to enhance the quality of services and supports, and embedding cultural and linguistic competence into our organizational values, policies, structures, and practices.

    In March, Vivian Guerra, DC Department on Disability Services (DDS), and Lanada Williams, DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), teamed up as co-chairs of the NWD/CLC subcommittee to deliver training to agency staff. 

    Eleven DBH Access Hotline Staff engaged in various activities to gain self-awareness on CLC, identify the role of personal and agency values, and recognize the importance of cultural competency when interacting with District residents seeking services and supports.

    DDS had training at their monthly managers’ meeting, at which they reflected on their leadership role,  their own cultural worldviews and personal values, and the role of values in decision-making. Both sessions provided opportunities for staff and leadership to explore the many facets of CLC and ways to use CLC to enhance long-term services and supports. 

    The District was one of 10 states selected by the Administration on Community Living to participate in a national Community of Practice on Cultural and Linguistic Competence.  This Community of Practice builds upon the work of the No Wrong Door initiative and will continue to address ways to strengthen the Front Door to long-term services and supports across our NWD health and human services agencies.

    For more information, please contact Vivian Guerra, NWD Cultural and Linguistic Competency Lead at vivian.guerra2@dc.gov. 

    Please join us!

    colorful people

    Community of Practice on Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Developmental Disabilities (CoP/CLC)

    State Team Meeting

    Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    Time: 1-3 p.m.            
    Location:  DDS – 250 E St. SW

    DDS leads the District’s CoP in CLC, in which we come together on an ongoing basis to share ideas, provide technical assistance and support among peers, and discuss solutions to shared challenges in embedding cultural and linguistic competence principles and practices within the developmental disabilities system. 

     If you are interesting in attending or have questions, please contact Vivian Guerra, No Wrong Door - CLC Lead at vivian.guerra2@dc.gov

     Accessibility:  The space and bathrooms at DDS are wheelchair accessible. To request additional accommodations, including language access, please contact Vivian Guerra at vivian.guerra2@dc.gov

    Get Involved: DC’s Person-Centered Thinking Learning Community

    Learning Community_2018

    The District of Columbia’s Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) Learning Community entered 2018 by recommitting to its vision of energizing interagency service professionals and people receiving long-term supports and services. The Learning Community is dedicated to getting real results from person and family centered thinking and practices

    Moving into its third year, participants of the Learning Community have clarified their vision, mission, core values, and commitments for the year ahead.

    Responding to feedback provided in previous meetings, the DC Learning Community has committed to adapting the current two-day in-person DC Person-Centered Thinking Training to the needs and experiences of support professionals working as Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, and Direct Support Professionals. If you are interested in contributing your point of view, expertise, or experience to the adaptation of the curriculum, please attend our meetings!

    The DC PCT Learning Community meets on the fourth Friday of every month from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

    Department on Disability Services

    250 E Street, SW 

    Washington, DC 20024  

    If you are interested in attending, have any questions, or would like to take a person-centered thinking training, please contact Emily Price at emily.price@dc.gov.

    Motivation & Inspiration

    “Success happens when good people with good intentions cooperate and work together over a shared interest. Believing that people are basically good is what fuels most inspired individuals. Cynics and pessimists do not change the world.” -  Meg Whitman, author of The Power of Many 

    Coming Soon_DC Support Link

    No Wrong Door Overview

    No Wrong Door Project Team

    The front door experience in accessing long-term services and supports (LTSS) begins with the first encounter between agency staff and a person seeking LTSS.  DDS's No Wrong Door Initiative | DC Support Link is a network of government and non-profit organizations focused on enhancing the front door experience for District residents in need of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and their families.The agencies involved are the Department on Disability ServicesDC Office on AgingDepartment of Behavioral HealthDepartment of Human Services and the Department of Health Care Finance.

    Visit the No Wrong Door for more information.

    Program Director
    Erin Leveton

    Grant Administrator  
    Rebecca Salon

    Program Manager   
    Mark Agosto  

    Business Analyst  
    Robin Barnes

    Cultural & Linguistic Competency Lead
    Vivian Guerra

    Marketing & Outreach Lead
    Phillip S. Williams

    Person-Centered Lead
    LeeAnne Brantley