Xcel Energy Rebates for Smoke Damaged Homes

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Xcel Energy Rebates for Smoke
Damaged Homes

In response to customers whose homes suffered smoke damage in the December 30 Boulder County fires, Xcel Energy is offering bonus rebates on all insulation and air sealing measures (both programs: Insulation Air Sealing AND Whole Home Efficiency) for all existing homes in four zip codes.

The rebate application forms are available to customers through the participating contractors/trade partners. Many contractors/trade partners will complete the rebate applications on behalf of their customers; a few might complete their portion of the application and give it to a customer to send in to Xcel Energy. Be sure to ask this question up front to understand who is responsible for submitting the application.

Bonus rebate details:

Customers should verify that the insulation and air sealing contractor is listed on Xcel Energy’s website as a participating contractor in one of these programs: https://hvacree.net/xcel-co/public_search.cfm. Only participating contractors can offer the insulation and air sealing rebates.

Bonus amounts will match regular rebates (see table below)

bonus amounts table

Bonus dates:

  • Qualifying improvements made between January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022
  • Application received date deadline is July 31, 2022

Eligible zip codes are limited to 80303, 80305, 80020, 80027

Rebate rules:

  • All existing rebate rules apply, with one exception: The pre-existing R-value for attic insulation can be greater than R-15. It cannot be greater than R-49.
  • Estimate existing attic insulation R-values
  • Bring new insulation levels up to R-49 or greater
  • Because of smoke and ash, existing insulation must be removed
  • Air sealing is required if the home is not already tight enough
    In smoke damaged homes, remove the existing attic insulation before doing the blower door test


  • Itemize the cost of insulation removal and disposal (combined). Can be done by a third party instead.
  • Itemize the qualifying improvement’s combined labor and materials cost for each insulation and air sealing measure
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