So far 478,309 Coloradans have voted in the June 26 primary.

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Ballots returned: June 20, 2018  

DENVER, June 20, 2018 -- Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced today that so far 478,309 Coloradans have returned ballots for the primary election next Tuesday.

Of that total, 183,446 ballots were cast by Democrats, 185,810 by Republicans and 109,053 by unaffiliated voters.

This is the first primary election where unaffiliated voters are allowed to automatically participate. Unaffiliated voters who expressed a preference for a Republican or Democratic ballot were sent that party's ballot, but those who did not were sent both ballots with the caveat: Only vote one, if you vote both neither ballot will count. Williams in March launched the UChooseCO campaign to stress to unaffiliated voters to pick one ballot.

The new style of report reflects information about unaffiliated voters. It breaks down ballots by those voters who expressed a preference for the Republican or Democratic ballot. "Pkt" refers to "packets" for unaffiliated voters who got both ballots in the mail. Pkt-Dem and Pkt-Rep indicates which ballot the voter chose.  In some cases, the ballots have been received by the clerk but have not yet been tallied so the preference is unknown. That is "pkt-unopened."

Here are the latest voter registration numbers:

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