Colorado gives all nine electoral votes to Hillary Clinton

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Colorado casts electoral votes for Clinton

DENVER, Dec. 19, 2016 -- Colorado today cast its nine Electoral College votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton, ending days of drama that included four court hearings, two appeals and the replacement of one faithless elector.

"Nearly three million Coloradans -- more Coloradans than ever before in state history -- cast their ballots this fall.  I'm proud that our nine electoral votes went to the ticket that won the most votes," said Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

Although not a legal vote, elector Michael Baca wrote Ohio Gov. John Kasich's name despite taking an oath that he would vote for the candidate who won the presidential election in Colorado. Clinton received 48 percent of Colorado's popular vote to 43 percent  for Republican Donald J. Trump.

Williams said he would refer the matter to the attorney general. It is a misdemeanor for sworn electors to not perform their duties.

Hundreds gathered inside the Capitol to watch what is a normally low-key and obscure event. Electoral signings in other states also were closely followed. Some electors – including those in Colorado – wanted to vote for a third-party so that Trump would not become president.