How to check your business registration with the Colorado Secretary of State

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It's super easy to check out business information on the Colorado Secretary of State website


DENVER, Nov. 6, 2015 -- A report that the Colorado Secretary of State's office had reached a milestone last week with more than 600,000 businesses in "good standing" generated dozens of phone calls from business owners wanting to check on their status.

 That information can easily be checked out online by going to the secretary of state's Business Organizations page (

  • Select “Search business database."
  • Enter the record name or ID number and click “Search.”
  • If you enter a name, a list of entities with similar names will display.
  • Select the ID Number of the appropriate entity.
  • From the Summary page, select “Filing history and documents."
  • Select the "Document #" to view the document.
  • A PDF image of the document will open.


You may print, save and certify images. To return to the History and Documents page, select the Back button.  The Summary page shows the business' status.


A "Good Standing" status means that the entity filed the required periodic reports and maintained the information required by the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Colorado Secretary of State's office passed the 600,000 mark on Oct. 28, when 600,270 businesses were in good standing. Two years ago, businesses in good standing hit 521,795 as of Oct. 31. At this same time last year, the division recorded 557,815 such entities. 


A “NonCompliant” and subsequent “Delinquent” status means that the entity failed to file its periodic report or maintain a registered agent. If the entity’s status is “Noncompliant”, a periodic report must be filed, or, if the entity has failed to maintain a registered agent, a Statement of Change changing the Registered Agent information must be filed to return the entity’s status to “Good Standing.” If the entity’s status is “Delinquent," a Statement Curing Delinquency must be filed to return the entity’s status to “Good Standing."


Most forms available for any record are found at the Summary page of the record by selecting “File a Form."


To obtain or review business registration data, statistics and information, visit the Colorado Information Marketplace site, which updates its stats every week: