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Colorado SIPA as the portal in a limited series

2nd edition

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Ch. 2: Who runs the Portal?

In short, the portal is run by Colorado SIPA. A 15 member Board of Directors oversees the essential eGovernment services that Colorado SIPA provides. Colorado Interactive, was selected as the Portal Integrator by RFP as required by statute. 

The term “portal” is a nod to the statute which states that Colorado SIPA oversees the portal of government technologies where Colorado citizens can interact with, and conduct, state and local government business. Colorado SIPA’s mission, to provide efficient and effective eGovernment solutions for the whole state, derives directly from statute.

Last month, we mentioned no-cost services offered to Colorado governments such as: websites, payment processing, custom online forms, and event applications. The legislators who created Colorado SIPA, believed that financial resources in a community should not affect how convenient or efficient government business is. Government services should be easy to access and easy to use.  

As the officially recognized Statewide Portal for Colorado, Colorado SIPA is proud of how inclusive our technology services are for ALL Colorado governments. Most Colorado governments can use some support and Colorado SIPA is here to customize that support to each need by providing (and overseeing) a portal with trusted government information and services. The Portal is important for residents and governments across the state alike because it brings consistency, transparency, and efficiency to working with Colorado governments that did not exist before. 

Food for thought: Did you know that, as of 2017 (, Colorado ranks 10th among the states in number of local governments with 3,141 (2,808 of which are special district governments)? Did you know that, SIPA is a self-funded government authority meaning it doesn’t use tax dollars to exist like most other state agencies and local governments?

This conversation will continue in our next newsletter as part of our “Portal Series” but until then - what are your thoughts? Let us know at

New to SIPA SiteBuilder Announced. A new more personalizable website for your government. Click for more information

New Service Launches

Credit Card Chip Readers, highest security, coming soon!

Important Dates

August 20 - Colorado Smart Cities Symposium

September 2 - Office Closed, Labor Day Holiday

September 5 - SIPA Board Meeting

SIPA #KeepsYouInTheKnow
  • In our upcoming newsletters, SIPA will assist DOLA in helping to get information out about the 2020 Census. Each month, new information and content is provided by DOLA Deputy Executive Director, Natriece Bryant, in a segment titled: A Message from DOLA.

a message from dola on the 2020 census, logo Everyone county census 2020, dola logo circle next to colorado brand c with a tree

This past weekend, Census 2020 work was done at the Greeley/Evans Back to School event where members of the Greeley/Weld County Complete Count Campaign connected with more than 350 residents at the Greeley/Evans Schools Community Kickoff event to share insight on the upcoming 2020 Census. They were able to connect with 74 families at the event, and when we looked at the family size they selected, it equaled to 367 individuals. Through the “Community Mapping Experience”, residents were able to see how easy it will be to complete the 2020 Census, learn about the impact of the census, ask questions, and see the beautiful diversity in our community. Continued partnerships with Census 2020 work is needed, and we encourage communities to work together on outreach and education. For more information as to how working with the Census Bureau and community partners can be done, visit:

2020 Census Work being completed in Greeley to get the information out
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