Amended - Temporary Variance

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Amended - Temporary Variance, Article 210-8(F), 2020 NEC

Dear Stakeholder:

On September 29, 2021, the State Electrical Board amended its July 28, 2021 Revised Temporary Variance to portions of Article 210.8 (F) of the 2020 NEC to extend the variance to all HVAC Equipment installations. This variance is to temporarily waive outdoor outlet GFCI compliance only for all HVAC equipment that would fall under section 210.8(F) of the 2020 National Electrical Code.

The Board finds that:

  1. The Electrical Board has received several inquiries and requests regarding this code change, impacting all HVAC equipment installations.
  2. HVAC manufacturer’s designs have a lower voltage for the power conversion equipment and controls, and in some cases, when using a control transformer, they use the equipment grounding conductor supplying the HVAC equipment for the grounded conductor return path, which is putting a large amount of power leakage current on the equipment ground.
  3. Due to the use of the power conversion equipment, the change from AC to DC, and the ramping up and down in frequency, a leakage current could occur and be problematic.

Additional requirements/provisions:

  1. This Temporary Variance will expire:.

            a. One-year from the date the Board grants the request and will be revisited for                       extension if needed;

            b. If the National Fire Protection Association issues an applicable Tentative Interim                  Amendment; or,

            c. Upon the Board’s adoption of the 2023 NEC.


For the Colorado State Electrical Board,

Joyce J. Young, Program Director                                                                                Cheryl Ruiz-Lucero, Inspections Program Director


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