Clarified Guidance for Salons, Spas, and Sole Practitioners of Personal Services

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Clarified Guidance for Salons, Spas, and Sole Practitioners of Personal Services During the Safer at Home Phase

Dear Licensee,

Due to a number of requests for clarification regarding our issuance of further guidance on Safer at Home requirements for salons, spas, and sole practitioners, please find the updated guidance document which includes the following additions to the question and answer section:

Question: The current guidance states “No more than 10 people in a facility at one time, at a maximum of 50% occupancy” but what if 50% occupancy is more than 10 people? Which number takes precedence?

Answer: The cap is 10 people total in a shared business space. This limit is in effect due to the inherent interactive nature of personal services. If a salon or spa employs fewer than 10 people, the workforce should be cut to 50% since the size of the space is likely smaller. In short, whichever results in less people between calculating 50% or only allowing 10 people at a time, use that number. This applies regardless of a facility’s square footage or partitions between workstations. We also recommend the use of staggered work schedules to better accommodate this requirement.

Question: What about a building where personal services are provided, with a single entrance/exit, shared hallway/common space, but individually operated studios/units (each with 4 walls and a door) within that larger building? (Not applicable to individually leased chairs/stations without walls and a door separating them)

Answer: Individual operators may utilize separate units (each with 4 walls and a door) in a building and follow all of the PHO requirements for that individual unit. The shared space in the building must comply with the office guidelines for shared spaces, with no group use of shared spaces.  Customers and staff should wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet distance as they move through the hallways to get to the space where service is provided, but cannot congregate in the lobby and other shared spaces, and only restrooms (not changing rooms or lounges) should be open.  

We continue to endeavor to provide the information you require as you work to safely resume certain business practices in the midst of COVID-19's presence in Colorado. We appreciate your patience as we work to account for many diverse scenarios during an unprecedented time. Thank you.

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