Gross Reservoir Impact Mitigation Fund Award Letters To Be Mailed to Eligible Households

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Gross Dam construction as of June 15, 2023

Photo taken from the North Shore of Gross Reservoir (June 15, 2023) Photo credit: Barb Halpin

Boulder County Gross Reservoir Community Newsletter

August 2023

Gross Reservoir Impact Mitigation Fund Award Letters To Be Mailed to Eligible Households

Gross Reservoir Community Impact Mitigation Fund – Phase 1 Distribution

Payment award letters for $4 million in total payouts from the Gross Reservoir Community Impact Mitigation Fund will be sent to eligible households on or about Monday, August 14, to mailing addresses of record with the Boulder County Assessor’s Office.

The Phase 1* Distribution methodology (adopted by the Board of County Commissioiners on June 29, 2023) using Final Pinyon Rankings for air, noise, and visual impacts was applied to eligible property addresses to determine final payment amounts. Each individual household's payment amount will be disclosed in the mailed award letter from the County Commissioners' Office. 

If you have not received an award letter by Monday, August 21, and your address is on the Final Pinyon Rankings Household List, go to to search for your residence by address and look up your current mailing address (if different from your property address).

Mailing address updates can be sent to and will be verified. Please also send an email to to let us know if you did not receive your award letter (after Aug. 21, 2023).

Payments will be distributed to just over 400 eligible property owners upon each owner's completion of paperwork required by Boulder County and current IRS regulations.

For a list of Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions, please visit: 

Next Steps

  • Property owners of record will receive a notice in the mail of their household's individual payment amount and how to claim that amount from Boulder County.
  • Boulder County will begin distributing checks to Gross Reservoir residents who have completed and returned all required paperwork by mail or electronically at
  • All Phase 1 Distribution awards must be claimed by April 30, 2024.

Note: the final payment calculations (graphic) reflects a decision by the Boulder County Commissioners to direct higher payments to households with significant, direct, mitigatable impacts while awarding lower tiered (equal) payments to homes in lower impact categories.

Please send any questions or comments to

* Because Denver Water's operational plan for tree removal around Gross Reservoir will not be available until 2024, the Boulder County Commissioners decided that tree removal impacts would not be considered in the first phase of funding (i.e., $1 million from the full $5 million mitigation fund has been held back for a future round of funding once the tree removal impacts are better known.) 

As a result, there will be two phases of funding. Phase 1 will distribute funding based on ongoing impacts from the full 7-year Gross Dam Expansion Project. Phase 2 will distribute funding based on impacts from the 2-year tree removal operations.