Boulder County Gross Reservoir Community Newsletter - October 2022 edition

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Photo of the dam at Gross Reservoir

Boulder County
Gross Reservoir Community Update

October 2022

Welcome to Boulder County's Gross Reservoir Community newsletter. This communication is intended to share information with residents of Boulder County impacted by the
Denver Water Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

Photo of Barbara Halpin

Barb Halpin

Gross Reservoir Community Impact Mitigation Fund Coordinator

Greetings! As the Boulder County Gross Reservoir Community Impact Mitigation Fund Coordinator, I continue to meet with Gross Reservoir neighbors and gather information to help the Boulder County Commissioners determine how best to distribute the $5 million Denver Water settlement fund for residents impacted by the Gross Dam Expansion Project. 

The process for determining and measuring the impacts on individual residents and properties is complex in nature. Due to the changing conditions of Denver Water's construction schedule and the long-term timeline for the project to be completed, figuring out the best and most fair way to distribute the funds takes time.

Many of you have already filled out the survey letting us know about the specific issues you've experienced (or expect to experience) from the project. Please make sure your neighbors also complete the survey to help us complete our data collection.

Projected Timeline

We will be facilitating additional public discussions and forming a representative focus group later this fall and winter. The first distribution of money from the settlement fund is expected to take place in the spring of 2023.

Boulder County Commissioners Respond to Residents' Concerns

In late August and mid-October, the Boulder County Commissioners sent  communications to both the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Denver Water insisting that each agency be more responsive to the concerns and needs of Gross Reservoir community residents.

Banner with head shots of the three current county commissioners
  • Letter to FERC (8/30/2022) regarding the Commissioners' concerns about the impacts the Gross Dam Expansion project is having on the daily lives of residents. 
  • Letter to Denver Water (10/12/2022) concerning frequent and disruptive closures of Gross Dam Road*
  • (*Note: Denver Water followed up the same day with the following approach to addressing the frequent Gross Dam Road closures:
    • Based on community feedback, Kiewit-Barnard has adjusted the road closures along a portion of Gross Dam Road. In lieu of a full closure, there will now be travel restrictions between the T intersection near the Gross Reservoir headquarters building and the North Shore parking lot. These restrictions are in place to ensure public safety during days that have an increased volume of large trucks associated with dam foundation preparation work.

    • Additionally, beginning Oct. 13, drivers will follow a pilot vehicle through the closure zone on a rolling basis during restricted days. Please note that drivers may wait approximately 30 minutes, and up to one hour, at a closure point, until the pilot vehicle is available to escort cars. Please do not enter the closure zone without a pilot vehicle and do not pass pilot vehicles.

    • Due to the locations of the restriction zones, access to the parking lot and trailhead at Fisherman’s parking lot will be closed during travel restrictions. The road will fully reopen once the concrete placement has been completed for the day and will remain open until the next scheduled closure time.

    • Denver Water continues to coordinate with first responders in the area to ensure emergency access. In the event of an emergency evacuation, all travel restrictions would be lifted and all members of the public would be able to travel unimpeded through the area.

    • A tentative schedule for the week is sent out on Sundays. My Map is also updated with the current road status each day.


The Boulder County Commissioners Office is working with the Boulder Sheriff's Office and has reached out to Coal Creek Fire Rescue for their input on additional safety matters to improve community safety and accessibility on Gross Dam Road.

August 30 Community Meeting draws a full crowd

Boulder County Commissioners hold a community meeting in Coal Creek Canyon

The Boulder County Commissioners met with area residents on August 30 at the CCCIA Community Center to listen to the community's thoughts, concerns, grievances, and ideas to address the impacts community members are experiencing from the 24/7 construction operations of the Denver Water Gross Dam Expansion project.


The meeting was the second community meeting held by the Boulder County Commissioners since the project began (the first meeting was held virtually on June 13). Open houses were held also August 18 and 24 at CCCIA community center for drop-in discussions.

The commissioners welcome your continued input at

Gross Reservoir community members attend August 30 meeting

We Want to Hear From You -- Take Our Survey

More than one hundred households have responded to the survey! Thank you! 

We have been collecting information about noise, lighting, truck traffic, future tree removal, and other impacts associated with Denver Water's Gross Dam Expansion project through in-person meetings, emails, phone calls, and community meetings.

If we don't already have your information, please complete the Gross Reservoir Community 2022 survey to provide us with your address and the specific impacts at your residence.

Information from the survey will help us determine which households are eligible for impact mitigation funds.