Boulder County announces re-entry for evacuated residents in parts of Superior and Louisville

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January 1, 2022



Boulder County announces re-entry for evacuated residents in parts of Louisville

Access is only available to residents who can show proof of residency in the soft closure areas

Boulder County, Colo. - Beginning on January 1, 2022 afternoon, some residents within the Marshall Fire area in the City of Louisville will be allowed to return to their homes. Notice will be provided when the evacuation order has been lifted.

  • If your home is in a hard closure area in either community, you will not be allowed to return home at this time. Roads included in the hard closure are listed below. 
  • If your home is within a soft closure area, you will need to provide your ID to show proof of address. In the City of Louisville, soft closure areas will require a placard that you will receive through the city at a later date. Roads included in the soft closure are listed below.

To view an updated map of closed and open areas including road closures, visit the Boulder Emergency Management website or view it here.

Areas under a soft closure:

  • In the City of Louisville:
    • Spyglass Circle
    • Saint Andrews Lane at West Dillon Road to Spyglass Circle

Areas still under a hard closure:

  • In the Town of Superior:
    • Marshall Road west from McCaslin Blvd to Highway 93
    • 76th Street
    • East and West Coal Creek Drives
    • Center Drive
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Avenues
    • Sycamore Street
    • Charles Street
    • West Maple Avenue
    • East and West William Avenues
    • Park Place
    • Barcus Lane
    • West Douglas Street
    • Depot Street
    • Thomas Street
    • Rock Creek neighborhood has some additional hard closures in place. See OEM map for updated info.
  • In the City of Louisville:
    • McCaslin Blvd from South Boulder Road to West Enclave
    • Via Appia at West Pine to McCaslin Blvd,
    • Centennial Parkway at McCaslin to West Century Drive
    • Hillside Lane and Hillside Court
    • Owl Drive at West Pine Street to South Polk Ave
    • Fillmore Court
    • West Sandbar Circle
    • West Pinyon Way
    • West Hemlock Circle
    • Club Circle and Place
    • Saint Andrews Lane south of West Dillon Road to South 88th Street
    • South 88th Street at West Dillon Road to Saint Andrews Lane
    • Troon Court
    • Muirfield Court and Circle
    • Turnberry Circle

Officials continue to assess conditions in communities to allow re-entry of residents as soon as it is safe. It is important to remember that fire may have changed the environment around your home and community; please be cautious as you return to your home and neighborhood. Be prepared to see your community changed in ways that you do not expect. Here are some things to consider when returning home:

  • There will be areas where you will need an ID to reach your property. Please be prepared to show ID and expect that it may take some time while authorities verify that only residents are entering these areas. Please be patient. The first responders at the roadblocks are trying to protect property from nonresidents and ease access for residents.
  • When returning home or traveling through the area, residents are asked to slow their speeds and be alert to hazards such as weakened trees and structures.
  • Residents are asked to limit driving to daylight hours only, to go directly to their homes, and remain in and around their home.
  • Burned structures can have many hazards in and around them. Please be aware of ash pits, holes, sharp objects (such as exposed structural materials), as well as areas that are still burning or smoldering in the structure. Snow may be covering hazards, including areas that are still hot. Please be sure areas where you are stepping and reaching are safe to prevent injury.
  • Power may not be restored to some these areas, and gas will likely not be turned on by the time residents return home. For those with electricity but no gas heat, Xcel Energy is distributing space heaters at the YMCA Lafayette and YWCA Boulder.
  • There is no portable water in the affected area so residents should be prepared to bring bottled water with them for all water needs, including for pets. Never use water you think may be contaminated to wash dishes, brush teeth, prepare food, wash hands, make ice or baby formula.
  • For residents without heat, please consider turning off the main water line and draining the house water lines to prevent a potential flood.
  • With the power outages, food in your refrigerator and freezer may be contaminated or spoiled. Dispose of any food that has been exposed to smoke, soot or heat or has thawed.
  • Visit Boulder County Public Health's Fire Safety webpage at for additional safety information. 

For the latest updates and information, visit the Boulder Office of Emergency Management at