Noah Eisenman selected for Public Works Zero Waste Strategic Advisor position

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Noah Eisenman selected for Public Works Zero Waste Strategic Advisor position

Boulder County Public Works has selected Noah Eisenman for the newly created Zero Waste Strategic Advisor position to help manage the research and development of potential composting and construction and demolition (C&D) waste solutions. Mr. Eisenman will start this full-time position immediately as he and the county are excited to continue to expand efforts to reach the goal of Zero Waste or darn near by 2025.

“Noah’s diverse background and experience working on Zero Waste strategies and programs for multiple municipalities will provide keen insight and the help Boulder County needs to advance our own efforts towards total landfill diversion,” said Public Works Director Jeff Maxwell. “I look forward to seeing the ideas Noah brings to the table and I’m excited for our staff and the residents of Boulder County who will get to work with him along the way.”

One of Mr. Eisenman’s major tasks will be to determine the best path forward for providing a countywide composting solution. While construction of a countywide composting facility will not take place at the old Rainbow Nursery, Mr. Eisenman will be analyzing if a county-operated facility is the right solution or determining, through extensive community engagement, what other solutions and opportunities exist.

Prior to arriving at Boulder County Public Works, Mr. Eisenman helped the City of Boulder for several years with their own successful Zero Waste efforts both as a consultant and as a sustainability coordinator. His work included working with both the public and private companies on increasing landfill diversion through a number of new and existing programs. He also helped lead the rollout and compliance of the city’s Universal Zero Waste Ordinance.

“As a longtime Boulder County resident, I am thrilled to begin my work in this new role,” said recently hired Zero Waste Strategic Advisor Noah Eisenman. “With my extensive experience in both sustainability programs and project management, I aim to explore all possibilities for the future of compost and C&D while collaborating closely and transparently with the community every step of the way. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish.”

Mr. Eisenman can be reached at or by calling 303-441-3900. Questions from the media can be directed to Andrew Barth, Public Works Communications, at or by calling 303-441-1032.

Zero Waste Strategic Advisor Noah Eisenman