Dec. 2 Community Update

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2020 Wildfire Recovery with county logo

Dec. 3, 2020

Welcome to Boulder County's 2020 Wildfire Recovery newsletter. This communication is intended to share information with homeowners who were impacted by the CalWood and Lefthand Canyon Fires.

Welcome to the first recovery newsletter


Garry Sanfaçon

Recovery Manager

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Thank you all for entrusting the county to help coordinate your communications during this time as you work on moving forward from our 2020 wildfire season. We will be meeting with you through regular virtual meetings and will summarize those meetings in these newsletters. 

If you ever have questions, ideas, or are hitting roadblocks you think we can help with, please reach out to me directly or email If your question seems pertinent to the rest of the neighborhood, we will add that information to future newsletters.

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A few resources we talked about that we wanted to share included:

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Transferable Development Credits

 In the situation where you would wish not to rebuild on your parcel, you could obtain TDC Certificates for your land which can be sold in the TDC market through Boulder County's TDC program.

Right now, TDC credits are selling for between $9,000-$10,000 per credit. Please view the PowerPoint that was shared during the Dec. 2 meeting for more details on this option, and view the FAQ page for TDCs.

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Considerations for Rebuilding

If you are considering rebuilding, please note that there is currently a pause on building permits within the burn area. When the pause is lifted, the Community Planning & Permitting department makes every effort to prioritize the needs of wildfire-affected homeowners during the permitting process to expedite the timelines.

As you consider what options will be best for you and your future plans, please take a look at the regulations in place through the BuildSmart program. All new construction in Boulder County will need to adhere to the regulations within BuildSmart (this may include adding things like indoor sprinkler systems).

aerial mulching

Mulch, Revegetation, and More

We heard from multiple subject matter experts on what may happen with regard to the trees, vegetation, and soil in and around your neighborhood. 

The county is investigating if we would need to use helicopters or other major equipment for revegetating county lands. See the presentation for more details.

On your own property, it is recommended that you do not remove burned trees if they are not in a hazardous area (threatening your home or a waterway, etc.). The trees still provide habitat for wildlife and help mitigate excessive runoff of soil during rainstorms. You should be aware of noxious weeds and other invasive species that may pop up in regrowth, and if you should choose to use hay to stabilize soil, be sure to get certified no-weed hay.

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Garry Sanfaçon

Recovery Manager or 

Hannah Hippley

Long Range Planning Manager | Community Planning & Permitting

Joycelyn Fankhouser

Emergency Management Coordinator | Housing & Human Services

Kim Sanchez

Deputy DirectorCommunity Planning & Permitting

Therese Glowacki

Resource Management Manager | Parks & Open Space

Gabi Boerkircher

Communications Specialist | Commissioners' Office

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Dec. 7

Dec. 7, 2020

Join United Policyholders (UP) for an insurance workshop about the first steps after a wildfire and information and guidance on navigating the insurance claim process. Register here:

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Dec. 15, 2020

Save the Date: UP workshop: Q&A with claim handling professionals and attorneys.