Trip Trackers, It's time to report February's trips.

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Trip Tracker Participation Steps


  • If you haven't already done so year, please update your Trip Tracker account for the 2019-20 School Year.
  • Make sure each person you want to report trips this school year is added as a participant and that their school information is provided in your account before trying to report trips for them. Please update any household information and each participant's details (new address, new grade, new teacher last name, new participant, etc...)
  • You can request your login information if you've forgotten it, by clicking through this link to the Trip Tracker Registration home page.


  • Trips are tracked at home for one month at a time, using any tracking tool you prefer (a wall calendar, a notebook, school planner, etc...
  • The Trip Tracker Program provides optional & free Tracking Calendars that are available online starting for September, through April. They are available in English & Spanish.
  • For some, it's helpful to have daily trips tracked somehow before reporting online during each reporting period = the first week of school Oct - May.


  • February's Normal Trip Reporting Begins: Monday, March 2nd at midnight.
  • February's Trip Reporting Closes: Monday, March 9th at 5p. 
    • This is the 4rd chance to report trips this school year. 
    • Reporting Periods always open at midnight the first school day of each month and close 7 days later at 5p on the final day, which ensures customer support is available while the reporting period is open.
    • Reminder: 5 One-Way Green Trips = 1 Tracker Buck = 1 Dollar at participating Trip Tracker Businesses.
    • Earn 1 Bonus Buck if 80% of trips are active (you moved your body to travel).


  • On your school's Tracker Buck Distribution Day each month that you report trips. 
  • First chance is in late October/early November.
  • Last chance is in May before school is out for summer break.


  • Check out the new & returning Trip Tracker Business List.
  • Make sure to review the list for the spending limits at each location.
  • Check the online list often for the most updated information.

Trip Tracker Participating Business

Trip Tracker Businesses - All are Locally-Owned!

Please check out the current online Trip Tracker Business list for addresses and spending limits. Discover someplace new or revisit a favorite.

Trip Tracker Businesses provide many different options to help meet your needs and wants. Spending Tracker Bucks on something for yourself or others, can be a lot of fun, as all Trip Tracker Businesses provide either:

  • activities/experiences &/or
  • food/drinks &/or
  • shopping/retail

Many Trip Tracker Businesses have window clings or cash register stickers of the attached image to help you identify them as a Trip Tracker Business. Even if you don't purchase from them, please thank Trip Tracker Businesses for participating in the program. They provide you with a lot of choice in deciding what Trip Tracker Reward is meaningful to you, through the spending of your Tracker Bucks. We love that you get to pick your own reward!

Longmont Lucky's Front

Farewell To Lucky's Markets

The Longmont & South Boulder Lucky's locations are closing and no longer accepting Tracker Bucks. It's a bummer - we agree.

Lucky's has always been a Trip Tracker favorite, so please join us in wishing all of the staff and their families the best of luck on their next adventures. We think you're Triptastic! 

Trip Tracker Twitter Profile

Stay Connected to Trip Tracker

Please contact us with questions or feedback.

If you are no longer participating, you do not need to log in and update your old account. You can unsubscribe from receiving these newsletters by clicking on the "Manage Email Preferences" link at the bottom of this page.

Key Reminders

Each school year:

  • Program Registration/Re-Registration starts in August and is open through April. The Trip Tracker Program & your school will let you know when it is time to do so.
  • Actual Trip Tracking starts the first school day in September and ends the last school day in April. August is for registration only, since schools and grades start on different days, therefore is isn't a month trips are tracked or reported for.
  • Trips are tracked at home for one month at a time. Use any tracking tool you prefer. The Trip Tracker Program provides optional Tracking Calendars that are available online starting for September.  
  • Trip Reporting (online) is done the first week of school, after each tracked month (repeats October through May) and is open 24 hours/day, except the final day (always closes at 5p), to ensure customer service is always available prior to data analysis starting.
  • Log into your Trip Tracker account to report trips during each school month's week long reporting period OR anytime to see your prior activity & results.
  • Earned Tracker Buck rewards can be spent only at locally-owned Businesses participating in Trip Tracker - a new Trip Tracker Business List is available starting each September and is always available/current on the Trip Tracker website.
  • Remember that some Trip Tracker Businesses have spending limits, so check the Trip Tracker Businesses List before you go spend, if that is helpful to you.