Food Waste Awareness Week | Thursday, April 19

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Food Waste Awareness Week | Thursday, April 19

VeggiesIf you care about water, you care about food waste.

It takes a LOT of water to grow the food that we consume. According to the World Resources Institute, an estimated 45 trillion gallons of water are wasted each year as people around the world toss their food. This accounts for 24% of all water used for agriculture. Wasting one pound of beef is like pouring more than 1500 gallons of water down the drain. By saving food, we’re also saving precious resources. Food waste ends with YOU!

Food waste ends with you

Action Steps:

  • Follow recipes to make sure you’re cooking with the correct measurements to avoid waste.
  • Eat the food you purchase, including leftovers. Friday night pizza sounds great, but what about that delicious lasagna you cooked earlier in the week? Eat your leftovers before moving on….pizza will taste just as yummy on Sunday!
  • After shopping, prep your food by washing, slicing, and dicing so you’re more likely to use the food you bought.

More resources

Save the Food has great resources for creative recipes! And don't forget to scroll down for today's recipe of the day.

Save the Food recipes

Today's Tip:
Cook Smart

Throughout this week, we continue to share recipes from local chefs that incorporate ingredients that usually end up in the waste bin; recipes that help you make use of food that we wouldn’t normally think to cook with, or food that’s slightly past its prime. Do you have any recipes to share? Use #SavetheFood to share your creative recipes on social media.

Pan with food in it

Join us tomorrow! Friday, April 20, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Community Food Share rescues seven tons of food a day. The food bank prevents safe, surplus food from going to waste so that it can instead help nourish those struggling with hunger. See firsthand how their team of staff and volunteers distributes nearly 10 million pounds of food a year to residents in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. 

Please RSVP online. Can’t make the date? Schedule a tour at your convenience by visiting

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