Food Waste Awareness Week | Tuesday, April 17

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Food Waste Awareness Week | Tuesday, April 17 

raspberriesIf you care about saving money, you care about food waste.

Don’t trash your cash! The average family of four throws away $1500 a year on wasted food. That’s a lot of money thrown away, which can be avoided by simple meal planning.
Food waste ends with YOU!

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Take Action:

  • Make (and stick to) a shopping list
  • Download a meal planning app like some of these

Take the EPA’s food recovery challenge to find out how much food you’re wasting at home:

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Other resources

More great tips available from Save the Food to help you shop smart.

Save the Food website

Today's Tip:
Shop Smart

The easiest way to fight food waste is through careful shopping. Shopping with a plan helps to keep the green in your wallet, not the waste bin!

  • Take a look at what you already have in fridge and cabinets
  • Plan your meals around food that needs to be eaten first
  • Make a grocery list
  • Buy only what you need
  • Avoid shopping while hungry
  • Choose imperfects – scarred or misshapen produce is perfectly fine to eat
  • Purchase local food when possible to support farmers and avoid transportation emissions

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