Commissioners reaffirm commitment to protecting residents and the environment

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Jan. 19, 2017

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Gabi Boerkircher, Communications Specialist,

Commissioners reaffirm commitment to protecting residents and the environment

Resolution 2017-26 was approved unanimously by the Board

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County Commissioners along with heads of county departments and other county elected officials put forward language for an official resolution to reaffirm Boulder County government’s commitment to being a welcoming community. Leadership within the organization had been discussing the merit of putting forth a public message of inclusivity and a reaffirmation of the county’s dedication to protecting residents and the environment and determined that the timing was apt for bringing forth this new resolution.

“Concerns brought to us from our constituents about the current political climate and the potential risk to many of our core values inspired us to be vocal about our commitments as a county,” said Commissioner Deb Gardner. “We believe it is important to be clear about how we intend to govern our community, particularly while there is a potential for many changes to federal regulations and priorities that may not align with our guiding values.”

The resolution was approved unanimously by the Board of County Commissioners on January 19 at the regular Business Meeting. The full text of Resolution 2017-26 can be viewed below.



WHEREAS, the Boulder County is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming community to all, a place where all people are able to reach their potential and live healthy happy lives, where there is continued economic opportunity and the environment is protected; and  

WHEREAS, we are committed to fostering and ensuring equity and social justice through protection of the human rights of all persons regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnic heritage, religious belief, LGBTQ identification, ability, or immigration status;  and

WHEREAS, Boulder County works to build a diverse and inclusive community that does not tolerate any act of racism, oppression, intimidation, harassment, or racial, ethnic or religious profiling toward another individual, and reaffirms our continued support for the civil rights of our population, including immigrants, and the distinction and separation between local law enforcement authority and federal immigration authority; and

WHEREAS, a healthy community requires access to affordable health care, which is necessary to address health disparities across the community; without access to health care there is a likelihood  that only the wealthy will have ready access to quality care; and

WHEREAS, our community is built on access to a thriving system of public education, open to all regardless of ability to pay and providing educational opportunities, including early childhood education, which gives all students the tools necessary to achieve their educational goals; and

WHEREAS, Boulder County believes in the protection of our environment; we will continue to support policies and programs at the local, state and federal level to conserve natural resources and combat the impacts of climate change; and

WHEREAS, Boulder County has dealt with increases in extreme temperature and precipitation events, leading to more severe wildfires and floods, and a growing body of scientific work links these events to climate change and projects even greater impacts in the future; and

WHEREAS, Boulder County is a strong thriving community because we embrace diversity and are welcoming and inclusive, and is a community where the basic human rights and dignity of every person in our community is affirmed and protected.


That in order to continue as a flourishing community, it is imperative that programs which build a healthy, connected community, including access to education and health care, are protected and continued so that all have the ability to thrive and contribute, and

It is important to continue and expand work and partnership by and between government agencies, scientific and non-profit organizations and individuals to work collaboratively to curb greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmental protection, and

All individuals in Boulder County will be treated equally and be provided the same protection of law, and our local authorities have actively committed not to seek out and persecute individuals because of their immigration status, and

Finally, the Boulder County Commissioners and our staff will proactively fight against any rollback of the current protections afforded our environment and our people, and will continue to safeguard civil rights and equal opportunity, and continue to work to make Boulder County a welcoming and inclusive community.