Twin Lakes Reconsideration Planning Commission Hearing - Jan. 18, 2017

Twin Lakes Reconsideration Hearing Staff Report Now Available

The staff report and recommendation to the Planning Commission for the Jan. 18, 2017 the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Reconsideration of Twin Lakes Decision is now available at: (24 MB PDF).

View the REVISED Planning Commission agenda for Jan. 18, 2017: revised agenda (68 KB PDF). The meeting will be live streamed on the Public Meetings, Hearings, Records & Video Archives page.


Update to Twin Lakes Key Facts Document

In response to public comments and in preparation for drafting the staff report for the Jan. 18, 2017 Planning Commission hearing, staff completed a review of the Twin Lakes Key Facts document (3 MB PDF). Staff added links to more source documents to make the document more user-friendly for readers, made a few minor corrections, and added content to provide more thorough responses on issues of interest to the public based on comments received.

Answers with changes to the following numbered questions are noted in the document. These updates reflect staff’s continued efforts to provide complete, accurate and objective information.

•    Q2: Added language to clarify that housing BCHA and BVSD propose to build on the parcels would be for both BVSD employees as well as other members of the community in need of affordable living.
•    Q6: Expanded on the existing response to address all three components of the “adequacy of equipment and facilities” within the Urban Service Criteria parks requirement. The previous response only addressed one component.
•    Q13: Added clarification to the first and second bullet points. The original content was from the Aug. 30, 2016 staff report, and was superseded by data provided in the full wildlife reports provided to staff after the Aug. 30 hearing.
•    Q14: Additional reference to two species noted in the Felsburg, Holt and Ullevig wildlife assessment (red fox and Eurasian collared dove, which is a species not protected by the Migratory Bird Species Act as are the other migratory bird species listed).
•    Q21: Change to correct the distance to regional bus service to 1.5 miles. The previous distance shown was inadvertently rounded down to 1 mile. (This is different from the closest distance to a bus stop, which is approximately 0.5 miles.)
•    Q25: The word “dedicated” was removed from this explanation.  
•    Q28: Under the second bullet, the fourth item is not a unique circumstance for considering the annexation of open space. Therefore, this sentence has been moved to the end of language for this bullet point.


Twin Lakes Reconsideration Hearing Procedures

View the Twin Lakes Reconsideration Hearing Procedures under the "Twin Lakes" section of the BVCP-15-0001 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Update webpage.



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