Planning Commission to hold Twin Lakes Reconsideration Hearing Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

Planning Commission to hold Twin Lakes Reconsideration Hearing
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

Announcement details and procedures described below

At its Oct. 19 meeting, the Boulder County Planning Commission decided to reconsider its decision from September to approve a land use designation change for parcels on Twin Lakes Road in Gunbarrel (6655 and 6500 Twin Lakes Road, and 0 Kalua Road). The reconsideration hearing is scheduled for Jan. 18, 2017, as part of Planning Commission’s regular monthly meeting. The Planning Commission will accept both written and oral testimony on new information.

The meeting will take place at the Boulder County Courthouse, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder, and will start at its regular time: 1:30 pm. However, other docket items needing Planning Commission attention during January will be heard first and if the agenda is full there is a chance the Twin Lakes reconsideration hearing would be rescheduled. The final date and estimated start time for the Twin Lakes hearing will be announced in early January. 

Scope of Public Hearing

Planning Commissioners request that public comments focus only on new information that may inform their decision. Specifically, Planning Commissioners have expressed interest in the following topics:

  • Appropriate width and location of a wildlife corridor
  • Infrastructure and services available in the area, and how the city and county would address potential impacts of development
  • Considerations related to land use designation categories, and options that would result in housing density in between the existing low and medium density residential categories

Note that topics related to Planning Commission meeting format, procedures, and Bylaws will not be the focus of the January 18 meeting. A broad discussion of Planning Commission procedures and Bylaws is expected to take place during spring or summer of 2017. 

Public Comments

IMPORTANT: Starting Dec. 1 Boulder County will use an automated online submittal form for public comments related to the BVCP 2015 Update process. The form will be accessible on the BVCP-15-0001 docket webpage. This will be the official channel for submitting comments for the BVCP Update process. Staff will still seek to compile and post any comments submitted by email, regular mail or dropped off at the office. However, the best way to ensure that your comment is easily accessible to county decision makers is to submit using the online form. All comments submitted previously, as well as new comments received will be accessible at the BVCP-15-0001 docket webpage

Key Dates

Jan. 5: Deadline for submitting comments for consideration in the staff recommendation

Jan. 11: Staff recommendation. Staff will provide an update to its original staff recommendation submitted for the August 30 joint Planning Commission – Board of County Commissioners public hearing.

Jan. 17 (8 a.m.): Deadline for submitting written comments for review by staff and Planning Commission prior to Jan. 18 hearing

Jan. 18 Meeting Format and Speaking Times:

  • Staff and requestor presentations:
    • Staff: 10 min
    • Requestor representative(s) for #36: 5 min
    • Requestor representative(s) for #35: 5 min
  • Speaking times for members of the public:
    • 2 min for 1 person
    • 4 min for 2 people pooling*
    • 5 min for 3 people pooling*

*Note: Those pooling time will need to be present at the hearing when the designated speaker is called

Online speaker signup

Launch: Jan. 12, 12 p.m. (noon)
Close: Jan. 18, start of hearing
Posting of estimated speaking times:  January 17, 12 p.m. (noon) 

Online Speaker Sign-Up Procedures for Jan. 18 Public Hearing

As noted, online sign-up for speaking times at the hearing will be available from 12 noon on January 12 through the start of the hearing on January 18. Online sign-up will be available via the BVCP-15-0001 docket webpage. In-person sign-up for speaking slots will also be available at the hearing, but note that those speaking times will start after the end of the speaking times established through online registration.

IMPORTANT: Online speaker registrations are automatically timestamped upon receipt. Those timestamps will determine speaking times. No changes will be made to speaker lists following the online registration process. Therefore, we ask that you plan ahead and pay close attention to the options when registering for a speaking time online (e.g. who the designated speaker will be, and whether you are signing up as an individual or to pool time with one or two others).

In the past, an effort was made to accommodate all pre-deadline requests to change speakers or to add speakers to create pool time for someone who had signed up as an individual. While staff attempted to accommodate all such requests, to avoid any potential concerns regarding impartial treatment, no requests for changes to the speaking list will be made.

The speaker order will be posted at noon on Jan. 17. Note that speaking times are estimates only and are subject to change. For example, if a speaker is not present, the chair will call on the next speaker on the list, even if it is prior to their estimated speaking time. The chair will make an effort to ensure that earlier scheduled speakers who were not present when their name was called are offered another chance to speak later in the meeting. However, it is the speaker’s responsibility to monitor the progress of the meeting and be present when their name is called. 

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