1 Document(s) filed in SB X1-2 Implementation, 23-SB-02, Draft Transportation Fuels Assessment

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The following 1 Document(s) submitted to Docket Number 23-SB-02 have been published:

    Docket Number: 23-SB-02
    Project Title: SB X1-2 Implementation
    TN Number: 255663
    Title: Draft Transportation Fuels Assessment
    Description: California Energy Commission STAFF REPORT - Draft Transportation Fuels Assessment

    Policy Options for a Reliable Supply of Affordable and Safe Transportation Fuels in California
    Filer: Xieng Saephan
    Organization: California Energy Commission
    Role: Commission Staff
    Submission Date: 4/12/2024 4:24:58 PM
    Docketed Date: 4/12/2024
    Submission Type: Document
    Page(s): 87

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