Maintaining My Structural BMP Newsletter

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Maintaining My Structural BMP Newsletter

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Structural BMP Maintenance Verification Documents Coming Soon!

Maintaining storm water best management practices (BMPs) is necessary to ensure these systems operate effectively and help preserve the quality of our rivers, lakes, streams, and beaches. The County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program is required to enforce maintenance on all BMPS that fall within the unincorporated communities in the County per the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4 permit - Order NO. R9-2013-0001). Understanding routine maintenance guidelines can help owners maintain compliance while avoiding any costly or major repairs.

BMPs can fail for various reasons if they are not properly maintained. To ensure compliance with the storm water requirements of the MS4 permit, The Watershed Protection Program annually requires documentation of inspection findings and maintenance activities by the property owner or designated party. Beginning in July, the County of San Diego, Watershed Protection Program, will mail out notification letters to property owners.

If you have any questions regarding BMPs on your property, please contact the Watershed Program at


Here Are Some Simple Tips To Ensure Effective Operation Of Your Storm Water BMP Prior To The Rainy Season.


Vegetated BMPs

  • Trim overgrown vegetation or, re-vegetate, if vegetation is not present
  • Remove sediment deposits over 2 inches deep
  • Remove any trash or debris blocking drainage
  • Ensure no standing water is present

Detention BMPs

  • Repair eroded areas on basin floors and slopes
  • Do not obstruct curb cuts or divert flow away from the BMP
  • Trim overgrown vegetation
  • Remove any trash or debris
  • Fill holes where water can stand for longer than 96 hours

Drain Inserts BMPs

  • Replace any damaged components of the BMP
  • Remove any trash or debris
  • Remove any accumulation of organic matter
  • Recommend using a trained professional for insert repairs

Infiltration BMPs

  • Trim overgrown vegetation
  • Remove any trash or debris
  • Replace mulch that has washed away
  • Flush out fine sediment in permeable pavement areas
  • Repair or replace damaged segments of the BMP



For questions regarding BMPs or the BMP program,

Contact us at:

County of San Diego Structural BMP Program

(858) 495-5323


To report storm water pollution or irrigation runoff call us at (888) 846-0800 or email us at
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