Maintaining My Structural BMP Newsletter

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Maintaining My Structural BMP Newsletter

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Structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practices implemented to help treat storm water runoff and pollutants as a result of precipitation. When it rains, oil, chemicals, pesticides and anything else that has fallen onto driveways, streets, or sidewalks can end up in storm water runoff.

Routine inspection and maintenance of BMPs wll help sustain its intended design and function. If BMPs are not maintained properly, it may be subject to deposition of sediment, trash, and other debris. Overgrown vegetation can interfere with the ability of the BMP to capture storm water and provide treatment for pollutants. Clogged BMPs can result in flooding, standing water, or even mosquito breeding areas.



  • Trim overgrown vegetation. If vegetation is not present, re-vegetate the BMP (vegetated BMPs only).
  • Remove trash and debris accumulating in the basin or in the areas near inlets and outlets.
  • Remove sediment deposits over 2 inches deep, and deposits that cover vegetation.
  • Ensure rip rap, or other energy dissipation structure where run off enters BMP, is in good condition.
  • Do not obstruct curb cuts or divert flow away from the BMP.


Visit the Watershed Protection Program’s “MAINTAINING

MY STRUCTURAL BMP” website for more information.

  • View Easy Steps to collect information needed for your Structural BMP submittal.
  • Learn how to capture good photos of your BMP.
  • Find information on common types of BMPs, their purpose, and how they work with the BMP fact sheets.

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