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County of San Diego Green Streets

Standard Drawings


The County of San Diego Green Streets Standard Drawings have been updated from the 2016 version to incorporate expertise and innovations from various divisions of the Department of Public Works. This version has been signed by the County Engineer and is ready for use in projects that require BMP's to be constructed adjacent to roadways using the performance standard outlined in Table 1-3 and Sections 1.4.3 and K.2.1 of the BMP Design Manual. The drawings are broken up into 5 sections:

  • GS-1 Tree Well
  • GS-2 Dispersion Area
  • GS-3 Biofiltration
  • GS-4 Permeable Pavement
  • GS-5 Miscellaneous

Generally speaking, these drawings will require customization based on individual project specifics, therefore they cannot be used by reference number or be cut and pasted into project construction drawings.

The County of San Diego Green Streets Specifications have also been updated to reflect County needs and lessons learned. The new versions include one that is intended as a supplement to the 2015 Caltrans Standard Specifications and another that is a supplement to the 2015 Greenbook specifications. These supplemental specifications include sections that are unique to BMPs and are not covered in the rest of their respective specifications. The drawings and specifications can be downloaded here under the Green Infrastructure heading.

If you have questions about the Green Streets Standard Drawings or Specifications, please write to:


Updates to the 2019 County of San Diego 

BMP Design Manual


The County BMP Design Manual has been recently updated to incorporate changes made during the first half of 2019. The most recent update includes minor changes to the PDP categories.

All updates and revisions to the County BMP Design Manual can be viewed here. This link will also provide the updates from the 2016 through 2019 BMP Design Manual editions.

The most up-to-date version of the 2019 BMP Design Manual can be viewed here.

For technical questions regarding the BMP Design Manual, contact the help desk through email as described here.

*Non-technical questions related to jurisdiction-specific requirements such as submittal requirements, approval process, project-specific questions and policy-related issues should be directed to the applicable municipality/agency.

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