HARP Update

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April 4, 2023

HARP Update

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has released an updated California Emission Inventory Development and Reporting System (CEIDARS) Utility Database for the Hot Spots Analysis and Reporting Program (HARP) Emission Inventory Module (EIM). The information in the CEIDARS Utility Database is used to assist with data entry and quality assurance. The updates in the database are consistent with information as described in the 2023 Emission Inventory Reporting Guidelines for Air Districts. The following table has been updated:

  • DEFPRORIG - Process Rate Origin Codes and Names
  • EQSIZEUNIT - Equipment Size Units
  • EQTYPE - Equipment Type
  • POLLUTANT 2 - A copy of the POLLUTANT table with extra fields containing the "effective phase" category for each pollutant. Note: Although this table is not currently used by HARP, it is being provided so this information may be utilized in the interim for reporting purposes while the new table is currently being revised with additional information. This table can be opened using MS Access. An excel file containing the list of substances and effective phase information is also available on the Hot Spots Inventory Guidelines website.

To get the new CEIDARS Utility Database, select “Help > Check for Updates” feature in the main menu of the program. This feature will automatically download and update the CEIDARS Utility Database. Restart the HARP EIM and then open your project file. When your project opens, you will then be prompted to use the latest CEIDARS Utility Database. Select "Yes" to begin using the new CEIDARS Utility Database.

If you have questions regarding the updates in the CEIDARS Utility Database, please email emission inventory staff at eibweb@arb.ca.gov.