Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

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Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

This broadcast announces the availability of the proposed Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) regulation and a Draft Environmental Analysis. The public comment period begins September 2, 2022. The California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) will conduct a public hearing at the date and time noted below to consider the proposed ACF regulation.

Date:                 October 27, 2022
Time:                 9:00 a.m.

Location:           California Environmental Protection Agency
                          California Air Resources Board | Byron Sher Auditorium
                          1001 I Street Sacramento, California 95814
Option:               Zoom

This public meeting may continue at 8:30 a.m., on October 28, 2022. Please consult the public agenda, which will be posted ten days before October 27, 2022, for important details, including, but not limited to, the day in which this item will be considered and how the public can participate via Zoom.


The proposed ACF regulation is critical to meeting California’s public health and climate goals and meeting State and federal air quality standards. Mobile sources are the greatest contributor to emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHG) in California, accounting for about 80-percent of ozone precursor emissions and approximately 50-percent of statewide GHG emissions, when accounting for transportation fuel production and delivery. Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles make up a quarter of transportation GHG emissions and a third of transportation oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions, a disproportionately high share considering these vehicles represent only about 1.8 million trucks among the 30 million registered vehicles in the state. The emission reductions from this proposed regulation are critical to achieving multiple State programs and policies for reducing emissions and stabilizing the climate. The reductions are necessary to reach carbon neutrality by 2045 according to the draft 2022 Scoping Plan Update. The 2022 State Strategy for the State Implementation Plan Strategy also relies on reducing criteria pollutant emissions to attain the federal ambient ozone standards, including NOx from vehicles necessary to attain the smog standard for ozone by 2037 in the South Coast air basin.

The proposed  ACF regulation would build on the progress already being made to accelerate the deployment of lower emitting medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and especially of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), would support existing policies and regulations through a phased-in fleet transition of medium, heavy, and light-duty package delivery vehicles to ZEVs from 2024 through 2042, and would set a clear end date for combustion-powered new vehicle sales in California by requiring all new medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sales to be ZEVs starting in 2040.

Inquiries concerning the proposed regulatory action may be directed to the agency representative Craig Duehring, Manager, In-Use Control Measures Section, at (279) 208-7369 or (designated back-up contact) Paul Arneja, Air Resources Engineer, at (279) 208-7342.

Notice of Public Hearing

The Notice, ISOR, and all subsequent regulatory documents are available on CARB's Rulemaking webpage.

Written Comment Period & Comment Submittal

In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, interested members of the public may present comments orally or in writing during the hearing and may provide comments by postal mail or by electronic submittal before the hearing. The public comment period for this regulatory action will begin on September 2, 2022. Written comments not submitted during the hearing must be submitted on or after September 2, 2022 and received no later than October 17, 2022. Comments submitted outside that comment period are considered untimely. CARB may, but is not required to, respond to untimely comments, including those raising significant environmental issues. The Board also encourages members of the public to bring to the attention of staff in advance of the hearing any suggestions for modification of the proposed regulatory action. Comments submitted in advance of the hearing must be addressed to one of the following:

Clerk of the Board, California Air Resources Board
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

Electronic Submittal

Please note that under the California Public Records Act (Government Code section 6250 et seq.), your written and oral comments, attachments, and associated contact information (e.g., your address, phone, email, etc.) become part of the public record and can be released to the public upon request.