Zero-Emission Forklift Rulemaking Workgroup Meeting

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January 21, 2022

Zero-Emission Forklift Rulemaking Workgroup Meeting

California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff invites you to participate in a public workgroup meeting to discuss a proposed regulatory measure that would accelerate the transition of internal-combustion forklifts to zero-emission technology. At this meeting, staff will continue the discussion that began at the August 17, 2021 workgroup meeting regarding the Zero-Emission Forklift measure. Staff has revised the regulatory concepts based on stakeholder feedback and redrafted the concepts as draft proposed regulatory text. The meeting discussion will focus on key updates to the concepts discussed at the August meeting. Prior to this upcoming workgroup meeting, participants are encouraged to review the updated draft regulatory concept document, which will be made available at the Zero-Emission Forklift webpage.   

CARB is following directives from the Governor’s Executive Orders N-29-20 and N-33-20 as well as the California Department of Public Health’s recommendations regarding public gatherings. As a result, the public workgroup will be a remote meeting only, held via a webinar. 

Date:                 February 22, 2022
Time:                 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (PST)
Location:           Webinar


Webinar Information

Webinar participation details and electronic copies of the agenda, staff presentation, and draft regulatory concept document will be made available at the Zero-Emission Forklift webpage prior to the meeting. CARB staff will use the information gathered at this meeting and throughout the rulemaking process to develop the final proposal. Please be advised that the workgroup meeting will be recorded and the recording will be made available to the public via CARB's webpage. In addition, please note that the meeting may end prior to the scheduled end time once all stakeholder questions and comments have been received.


Mobile sources, including off-road equipment and the fossil fuels that power them, are the largest contributors to emissions of ozone precursors, fine particulate matter (PM2.5), diesel particulate matter, and greenhouse gases (GHG) in California. The Zero-Emission Forklift measure is part of a suite of mobile-source strategies for reducing such emissions through the use of zero-emission technology. The measure is intended to help California achieve the emission-reduction goals outlined in the 2016 State Strategy for the State Implementation Plan, 2020 Mobile Source Strategy, and Sustainable Freight Action Plan, as well as the zero-emission technology-deployment goals set forth in Governor’s Executive Order N-79-20.

Forklifts are widely used in freight, materials handling, manufacturing, and construction operations. In the freight industry in particular, zero-emission forklifts have already achieved substantial market acceptance and deployment volumes. However, in other industries, forklifts with internal-combustion engines are still widely used. The intent of this measure is to transition the remaining internal-combustion forklifts to zero-emission technology where feasible. In addition to reducing emissions of both criteria pollutants and GHGs, staff believes the measure could help catalyze greater adoption of zero-emission technology in the off-road sector by increasing market awareness and supporting the overall growth of the zero-emission industry.

The Zero-Emission Forklift measure workgroup is an on-going forum for fleet owners, forklift industry representatives, non-governmental organization representatives, and other interested and knowledgeable stakeholders to identify, discuss, and evaluate key programmatic components of a potential, future zero-emission forklift regulation. This will be the second Zero-Emission Forklift measure workgroup meeting CARB staff has conducted to discuss programmatic components and the development process. CARB staff has also hosted one public workshop for the Zero-Emission Forklift measure. Public workshops and workgroup meetings will continue throughout 2022. For information and presentations from the previous public meetings, please visit CARB’s Meeting and Workshops webpage for the Zero-Emission Forklift measure.


We welcome and encourage the public's participation in this process. For questions regarding the workgroup or the proposed Zero-Emission Forklift measure, please contact David Eiges, Air Resources Engineer. If you require a special accommodation or need this document in another language or in an alternate format (i.e., Braille, large print), please contact David Eiges as soon as possible, and no later than 10 business days before the scheduled webinar. TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech users may dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

Stay Connected 

CARB staff will use the Zero-Emission Forklift e-mail list to notify stakeholders of updates to this measure’s development and proposal and of opportunities for public input throughout the process.