Availability of the New Web Platform for EMFAC2017 and an Update of the EMFAC2017 (v.1.0.3) Software

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August 24 , 2020

Availability of the New Web Platform for EMFAC2017 and an Update of the EMFAC2017 (v.1.0.3) Software

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is officially releasing the new web platform for EMFAC2017 to the public. The new web platform provides the full functionality of the EMFAC2017 software.

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The EMFAC model is the primary tool that CARB uses to assess emissions from on-road vehicles including cars, trucks, and buses. With the new web platform, users can not only download emissions data with default activity, but also generate emissions using custom activity inputs, the same as EMFAC’s Custom Activity (SG) model, as well as generate emission factors using user defined temperature and relative humidity for project level assessment (PL). The new platform will also provide two additional features: 1) emissions data for off-road equipment, based on ORION v1.0.1; and 2) fleet database – a tool that provides detailed on-road vehicle population estimates for California at a fine resolution. A training video will be also posted soon that provides guidance on how to use the new EMFAC web platform.

At the same time, CARB is releasing an updated version of the EMFAC2017 software. This version (v.1.0.3) will replace the current version (v.1.0.2) that was previously released on March 1, 2018.

Download EMFAC2017 (v.1.0.3) 

This new version addresses some issues related to Custom Activity (SG) mode when users intended to input speed profiles for multiple years. Also the updated version reflects a bug fix related to methane speciation. Please note that the updated version does not reflect the SAFE rule adjustment factors, and users still need to apply the off-model adjustment factors to emissions outputs from EMFAC model to account for the impact of this rule.

Effective August 15, 2019, the U.S. EPA has approved the EMFAC2017 emissions inventory model for use in state implementation plan (SIP) development and transportation conformity in California. The U.S. EPA approval also sets the date after which EMFAC2017, rather than EMFAC2014, must be used to satisfy the requirement that conformity determinations be based on the latest emissions model available.

Federal Register Notice

For more information on EMFAC model, please contact us at emfac@arb.ca.gov.