Public Workshop to Discuss the Proposed Updates to the Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation

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Public Workshop to Discuss the Proposed Updates to the Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to participate in the Advanced Clean Trucks regulation workshop.  The meeting will focus on a providing updates to the proposed manufacturer sales requirement and updates to the large entity reporting requirements.  The proposed regulations will contribute towards the goal of achieving zero-emission pick-up and delivery services by local trucks in urban areas by 2040 and accelerating the medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission truck market.

The workshop will be held at the following time and place:

DATE:                Wednesday, August 21, 2019
TIME:                 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (PST)
LOCATION:       CalEPA Headquarters
                          Byron Sher Hearing Room
                          1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95812

This meeting will also be available online for those unable to attend at the CalEPA website.


Meeting materials will be made available in advance of the workshop meeting on the program webpage.  Please review meeting materials and be prepared to provide feedback at the meeting.

More Information

At this meeting, staff will be discussing details of the proposed regulation and is seeking feedback from manufacturers, fleet owners, and other interested stakeholders on a preliminary draft of the proposed regulation language.  Staff will present updated details on the proposed manufacture requirement affecting vehicles sold in California beginning with the 2024 model year and will include updated information on banking and trading of zero-emission credits generated from their sale.  Staff will also be presenting updated details on the proposed reporting requirement for large entities that use their own trucks and buses or outsource pick-up and delivery services, freight movement, or passenger shuttles.  The reported information would be used to develop future regulations increase the use of zero emission vehicles.

To facilitate the exchange of information, an informal comment submittal form is available for interested parties to submit comments about the Advanced Clean Trucks proposal.  This form may be found here.  Comments submitted using this form will be available until the formal regulatory documents are released to the public and a new formal comment submission form is created.  Interested parties will be able to view submitted comments here.


Achieving California’s long-term air quality, climate, and public health goals will require a transition from the conventional combustion technologies to zero-emission everywhere feasible and near-zero-emission powered by clean, low-carbon renewable fuels everywhere else.  Promoting the development and use of zero-emission trucks will contribute to the goals set in the Sustainable Freight Action Plan and will help achieve emission reductions as outlined in the State Implementation Plan, Senate Bill (SB) 350 (de León, Chapter 547, Statutes of 2015), Assembly Bill 32 (Nuñez, Chapter 488, Statutes of 2006), and SB 32 (Pavley, Chapter 249, Statutes of 2016).  This effort is part of a broader strategy to increase clean, affordable transportation options such as zero-emission technologies, innovative methods to improve goods movement, and efficiency of transportation systems in California. 


For questions regarding the public workshop, please contact Mr. Paul Arneja, Air Resources Engineer, at (916) 322-5616 or Mr. Craig Duehring, Manager, at (916) 322-2361.