Recognizing our community achievements

Happy Earth Day!

Dear Neighbors,  

This Earth Day, join San Mateo County residents and businesses to celebrate the strong actions we have taken on climate change and the progress we are making to protect our environment and future. Our collective success is inspiring other cities and counties in the state and the country to opt into the climate change effort. 

100% Carbon-free! 
Earth Day 2021 marks four years since Peninsula Clean Energy enrolled nearly 290,000 homes and businesses across the county to receive clean energy at lower rates. Starting this year, all residents and businesses are eliminating their carbon emissions from electricity through Peninsula Clean Energy’s 100% carbon-free energy.  

Our clean, renewable, all-electric future 
Now that we have clean power, the challenge is to convert legacy, fossil fuel systems to all-electric ones. Many local cities, towns, agencies and the County of San Mateo have made fighting climate change a top priority. In 2019, the County of San Mateo declared a climate emergency in San Mateo County citing the consequences climate change poses to life, safety and critical infrastructure in San Mateo County and throughout the world. Since then, San Mateo County cities have implemented a number of initiatives including adopting all-electric building reach codes and installing electric vehicle charging stations.

Our promise 
San Mateo County will continue to lead efforts to fight global climate change for California and the country. And we’ll continue to save you money while we provide you clean and renewable electricity.  

Best wishes, 

Jan Pepper  
Peninsula Clean Energy