New year – new energy programs

February 2021 Newsletter

all-electric home

The switch is on from gas to electric to improve comfort and health

A big contributor to climate change comes from right inside your home. Residential appliances contribute 66% of heat-trapping methane gas emissions from buildings in San Mateo County. Of that, the use of furnaces and water heaters are the leading sources.

The modern, all-electric home is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier for your family and the planet. By switching from gas to highly efficient electric appliances for heating and cooling air, heating water, drying clothes and cooking, you won’t be combusting methane gas in the home.

Look for Peninsula Clean Energy programs to help you move toward all-electric.

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heat pump water heaters

Upgrade your home for a clean energy future

Did you know at least 40% of the methane gas used by homes is for heating water? Heat pump water heaters are clean, safe and all-electric. We are now partnering with the Bay Area wide BayREN Home+ program to offer additional rebates for installing Heat Pump Water Heaters for San Mateo County homeowners.

You can get rebates of $2,500 or more when you replace your gas water heater with a new heat pump water heater.

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Zoox Pioneers Electric Robotaxi Using Clean Electricity from Peninsula Clean Energy

Self-driving car company Zoox took a big step in helping to pioneer development of autonomous ride-hailing when it unveiled the all-electric robotaxi in December. And much of the company’s work that led to that milestone – including business operations, manufacturing and maintenance of the vehicle test fleet – has been supplied with clean power at their Foster City headquarters.

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group photo

Supporting our partners

Our community grant program has awarded over $316,440 to 10 community organizations to enhance outreach to residents to help them get access to energy programs and save money on their energy bills. This funding is part of our effort to support the local community and achieve greater greenhouse gas emissions savings.

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wind and solar

Aiming for 100% renewable energy

Peninsula Clean Energy recently agreed to procure 245 megawatts of power from three California wind projects. These projects supplement a growing portfolio of solar generation that is helping the agency to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2025, twenty years ahead of California’s state goals. As of January 2021, Peninsula Clean Energy customers already receive energy that is 100% carbon-free.

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