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October 2020 Newsletter

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Supporting tomorrow's sustainability leaders

To support schools and youth taking action on climate change, we have sponsored a Youth Climate Ambassadors Leadership Program this year with the San Mateo County Office of Education, San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, and Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame.

The program is a yearlong youth leadership program that supports 9th-11th grade students in becoming change-makers in their community. Students translate their new knowledge and skills into local climate action through Community Impact Projects. These projects are developed to provide sustainable solutions to local problems that contribute to climate change.

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How we are helping your city

According to a 2020 survey, 85% of residents believe our community should prioritize efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.* The good news is we are doing just that.
By working together and using cleaner electricity, we have steadily cut hundreds of thousands of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time we are saving residents and businesses millions of dollars through lower electric rates. We reinvest in the community through programs such as our electric vehicle rebates which slice tailpipe emissions, and Power On Peninsula which provides clean energy backup for customers during power outages.

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*April 2020 survey of 2,261 San Mateo County residents chosen randomly

Do more for the environment--switch to an EV and get a rebate


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Drive electric and save! Peninsula Clean Energy is providing first-time EV buyers in San Mateo County a $1,000 rebate for a full-battery EV, or a $700 rebate for a plug-in hybrid. Rebates available now through December 31, 2020.

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Why switch to an EV?
Electric vehicles (EVs) generally cost about half as much to run, cost less to maintain, and emit 96% less emissions than gasoline-powered cars!

Are you still not sure?
Experience driving an EV on us! Peninsula Clean Energy is offering a $200 rebate toward the rental of an EV. We can also help you set up at-home or at-dealership test drives.


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Prepare for outages with rebates for solar + back-up battery systems

Our Power On Peninsula program helps residents maintain electricity when the grid is down. By fully participating in a special grid storage program, you get backup power and reduce your energy costs while helping our community reach its goal of using 100% renewable energy.

You may qualify for up to $1,250 in rebates to install solar and storage.

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Emergency alert

If you live in an area experiencing gusty winds or other severe weather, or your power lines travel into that area, PG&E may shut off your electricity to prevent wildfire. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

Stay informed and prepare for these events by signing up for alerts.

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