Press Release: Public Health and Community Partners Launch Community Public Health Teams (CPHT)

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For Immediate Release:

February 12, 2024


Public Health and Community Partners Launch

Community Public Health Teams (CPHT)

Pilot Project to Build Long-Term Relationships with 80,000 Households in

Los Angeles County

The Department of Public Health (Public Health), in collaboration with community partners, are launching a new model of public health service delivery: Community Public Health Teams (CPHT).

Public Health, in collaboration with Rising Communities, partnered with 10 community-based organizations and 10 health care partners in 10 high-priority, micro service areas throughout Los Angeles County.

Each CPHT is a three-way partnership between a community-based organization, a health care partner, and dedicated Public Health staff. Each team will coordinate to provide outreach, engagement, and services to at least 8,000 households.

Micro Service Areas, Community-Based Organizations and Health Care Partners making up the 10 Community Public Health Teams include:

Micro Service Area

Only select census tracts in each area are selected for this pilot project. Some CPHTs are working in neighboring areas.

Community-Based Organization

Health Care Partner

Neighborhood in Lancaster

Antelope Valley Partners for Health

Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center

Neighborhoods in Pacoima, San Fernando


Providence Health & Services Foundation

San Fernando Community Health Center   

Neighborhoods in Mission Hills, Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar

The University Corporation/Strength United

Northeast Valley Health Corporation

Neighborhoods in El Monte, Rosemead, South El Monte

CORE Community Organized Relief Effort

Herald Christian Health Center

Neighborhoods in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights

The Wellness Center  

Clínica Monseñor Oscar A. Romero

Neighborhoods in Boyle Heights

Visión y Compromiso  

White Memorial Community Health Center

Neighborhoods in Florence-Firestone, Watts

Children’s Institute, Inc. 

Watts Healthcare Corporation

Neighborhoods in Florence-Firestone, Harvard Park, South Park, West Vernon

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation

St. John's Community Health

Neighborhoods in Bell, Cudahy, Huntington Park, South Gate

Inclusive Action for the City

AltaMed Health Services 

Neighborhoods in Wilmington

Providence Little Company of Mary

Wilmington Community Clinic

The goals of the Community Public Health Teams are to build long-term relationships with households, support communities to define the health priorities that matter to them and demonstrate that this new way of engagement supports better health outcomes. The CPHTs implement five core strategies:

  • Visit each household annually to gather information on household needs;
  • Ensure households are connected to requested health care and social services;
  • Analyze data on health, mental health, and social determinants of health;
  • Convene community residents to identify health hazards and develop community action plans; and
  • Mobilize partners to advance health equity and improve community conditions.

“We’ve learned that public health activities benefit from a different kind of engagement. This project is designed to do two things: 1) meet people where they’re at by visiting their homes and 2) lift up the conditions in these communities that contribute to poorer health outcomes,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.Ed., Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. By designing a long-term partnership with community-based organizations and health care partners to conduct household and community services, Public Health is expanding the public health workforce and building infrastructure for a community-based system of care.

"This initiative aligns with our efforts to interrupt systemic inequities by transforming systems and Public Health’s vision for the CPHT initiative is working to achieve that transformation," said Dr. Michelle Burton, CEO at Rising Communities.

The Community Public Health Teams and partners are partially funded by Public Health Infrastructure Grant that was awarded to Public Health by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

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