March 2022 Newsletter

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Newsletter  |  March 9, 2022


Dear Friends:

If there’s one thing we all have in common in this country, it’s a demand for fairness. I believe that we share an intolerance for unequal treatment and those who take advantage of loopholes. Nowhere is that truer than in the criminal legal system, be it for tax evasion, scams, or above all, violence against the most powerless victims: children, the elderly and those who cannot protect themselves.


District Attorney GascóSponsors
Catalytic Converter Theft Legislation


District Attorney George Gascón has announced legislation to reduce catalytic converter thefts.

“Catalytic converters have become a popular target of theft because they contain valuable metals and are untraceable and easy to sell,” District Attorney Gascón said at a Feb. 22 news conference. “This bill will give law enforcement important tools that will reduce property crime and save consumers the money and hassle of replacing the stolen parts.”

District Attorney Gascón thanked State Sens. Thomas Umberg (D-Santa Ana) and Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) and Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore for their support of the legislation. He also recognized Deputy District Attorneys Seza Mikikian and Alex Karkanen for their help drafting the bill.

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Ex-Sheriff's Deputy Charged
Manslaughter in On-Duty Shooting

District Attorney George Gascón announced that a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was charged for the on-duty fatal shooting of an unarmed man in his vehicle three years ago.

“Protecting public safety is the highest responsibility for the entire law enforcement community. That extends first and foremost to those sworn to protect it,” District Attorney Gascón said on March 3. “Policing is a difficult and trying job, but it does not excuse anyone from accountability under the law—especially when a human life is lost.”

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Town Hall Focuses on
Black Women and Legal System


District Attorney George Gascón led the town hall discussion “Has the Legal System Failed Black Women?” with State Sen. Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) and Michelle Parris, Program Director for the Vera Institute of Justice. Special Advisor Tiffiny Blacknell moderated the Feb. 23 conversation. To watch, click here.

DA-NL202203-New DDAs 2

District Attorney George Gascón recently met with two new classes of Deputy District Attorneys. The group pictured on top joined the office in November and the one below began training in January.

DA_NL202203_for the record

True or False: Individuals arrested for property crimes are being released under District Attorney’s Office bail policies.

False. The current bail schedule is set by the court and allows law enforcement agencies to arrest and release individuals with a summons to appear in court at a future date. This process does not involve prosecutors. In fact, prosecutors may not become aware of a case for weeks and months after the initial arrest, when law enforcement officers finally present the evidence for criminal case filing consideration. During that time, some individuals may be arrested and released multiple times, often without police or prosecutors becoming aware of earlier arrests. District Attorney George Gascón has pledged to ask the court to reduce the amount of time before an individual must appear in court and train law enforcement to seek bail deviations for repeat offenders.

Inglewood Visit


District Attorney George Gascón continued his visits to LADA offices this month when he met with prosecutors and professional staff at the Inglewood Area Office. He has visited LADA offices from the Antelope Valley to Long Beach.


District Attorney Gascón Warns
Consumers About COVID-19 Scams


District Attorney George Gascón has released two public service announcements warning people to beware of scams based on the increased demand for COVID-19 testing.

“The best way to protect consumers is with knowledge. My goal is to give consumers the information they need to avoid becoming victims,” District Attorney Gascón said. “These crimes are particularly egregious because fake COVID-19 tests and testing sites put everyone’s health at risk.”

One video addresses fake at-home COVID-19 test kits and is available in English and Spanish

The other video warns of fake testing sites and also is available in English and Spanish

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