Quarantining and Self-Isolation 101, The Risk is Real - A Survivor's Story and COVID-19 Vaccine Fact vs Myth


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January 6, 2021



Quarantining and Self-Isolation 101, The Risk is Real - A Survivor's Story and COVID-19 Vaccine Fact vs Myth


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Quarantining and Self-Isolation 101

Quarantining after traveling is required.

COVID-19 cases are rising in LA County. If you are traveling into L.A. County, were in a gathering without face coverings or distancing, or around someone positive for COVID-19, please self-quarantine. It will protect your friends and family from getting infected.

The Risk is Real - A Survivor's Story

Covid Survivor

Everyone needs to keep in mind that community transmission rates are so high that you run the risk of an exposure whenever you leave your house. Assume this deadly, invisible virus is everywhere, looking for a willing host. Don’t let that be you or someone you care about. The risk is real.

50-year-old Pato Herbert was infected with COVID-19 in March and has suffered long-term effects ever since. This is his story.

COVID-19 Vaccine Fact vs Myth

Vaccine Myth vs. Fact Graphic

Myth 1: The vaccine was developed too fast – I don’t think they know enough about it.

The Facts: These vaccines could be made fast and still be safe for three simple reasons.

  • There was a lot of research done on the kind of virus that causes COVID-19 before this virus showed up. So scientists had a big head start about the kind of vaccine that would work best to fight this virus.
  • A lot of government money was spent to get many companies to work on this vaccine and to put all of their scientists to work on it around the clock. That helped speed everything up.
  • While every step that has to be followed to make a new vaccine and be sure it is safe was followed, some of the steps were done at the same time instead of one after another. It is like cooking several parts of a meal at once instead of cooking one course at a time. You get done sooner but it’s just as good.

In fact, the two vaccines that have been approved to protect against COVID-19 were studied on more than 70,000 volunteers, including adults of all ages and different racial and ethnic groups, and were found to work very well and be equally safe for all.

Incident Report

Today’s Incident Report is in the process of being finalized and will be posted on the Incident Report section of the County’s COVID-19 site when complete. Please note, that the reports are posted by date and can be accessed at https://covid19.lacounty.gov/incident-updates/.

COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide & Toolkit

Quarantining after traveling is required.

View our updated COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide, and get tips on Best Practices, Do's and Don'ts, Key Messaging, and our Social Media Toolkit - with multi-lingual graphics and messages like the ones seen below.

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