Three New MIS-C Cases in Children Confirmed, Protection for COVID-Impacted Residential and Commercial Tenants, and Vaccine Myth vs Fact


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January 11, 2021



Three New MIS-C Cases in Children Confirmed, Rent Relief & Eviction Moratorium, and Vaccine Myth vs Fact


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COVID-Related MIS-C Strikes More Children in the County

Keep everyone safe by just staying home

Over the weekend, County Public Health reported three additional cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). This brings the total number of cases of MIS-C in the County to 54 children, including one child death.

MIS-C is an inflammatory condition associated with COVID-19. Symptoms include fever that does not go away, and inflamed body parts including: the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs.  More information about MIS-C can be found here.

If you believe your child is displaying MIS-C symptoms, contact your primary care provider. If you do not have a primary care provider, dial 2-1-1 and L.A. County will help connect you to one.

COVID-19 affects people of all ages. Stay home and save lives.

2021 Rent Relief and Eviction Moratorium

2021 Rent Relief and Temporary Eviction Moratorium

The new 2021 Rent Relief Program is under development. To be notified by text or email when the application becomes available, click here.  A program extension was approved by the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 5 for those who applied for assistance during the August 2020 application period; click here for more information.

The County's temporary Eviction Moratorium bans evictions for residential and commercial tenants. Protections include that COVID-related nonpayment of rent may not result in a tenant's eviction. To learn more, click here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myth vs Fact

COVID-19 Myth vs Fact

Myth 2: Only 1% of people who get COVID-19 die of it. Won't the vaccine kill more people than that?

The Facts: COVID-19 is a lethal disease. Seasonal flu can be very dangerous but it kills about one person in every thousand infected, while COVID-19 kills one out of a hundred people who are infected. No one has died from the two approved vaccines.

Some people wonder if that could be just because volunteers who took part in vaccine trials were not tracked for long enough for us to know if there will be deaths. It's true that we only have three months of experience watching people who got these vaccines, but we do have experience with other vaccines and the vast majority of ill effects show up within hours or days. There is no basis for believing we will see something different here.

Incident Report

Today’s Incident Report is in the process of being finalized and will be posted on the Incident Report section of the County’s COVID-19 site when complete. Please note, that the reports are posted by date and can be accessed at

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