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Media Highlights

April 11, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

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Sheriff Villanueva’s reinstatement of deputies at odds with reforms, federal monitor says

By Maya Lau | April 11

For several years, Los Angeles County’s vast jail system has been under careful monitoring by a team of court-appointed watchdogs who’ve helped implement policies to curb excessive force and retaliation against inmates... read more.


Who monitors sheriffs? New law would place that power firmly with counties

By Anita Chabria & Matt Stiles | April 10 

Across California and other states, elected leaders and law enforcement are mired in debates about the authority of counties to monitor elected sheriffs... read more.


Alex Villanueva shows everything that's wrong with electing county sheriffs

Readers React Opinion | April 9

To the editor: The county office of sheriff, an elected position, is inherited from our former colonial masters. Police chiefs from Los Angeles to New York are appointed after an extensive selection and vetting process... read more.


Lawsuits cost taxpayers more than $1B over past decade. Will it go up under new Sheriff?

By Larry Altman | April 8

During the past decade, Los Angeles County’s taxpayers have doled out more than $1 billion for other people’s mistakes... read more.


LA County launches Office of Violence Prevention

Press Release | April 8

With communities still reeling from the Nipsey Hussle murder, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, along with Los Angeles County and city officials, highlighted ongoing and upcoming services to prevent violence... read more.


Another questionable hire by the Sheriff gives these readers voter's remorse

Readers React Opinion | April 7

To the editor: I regret voting for Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Instead of looking forward and bringing true reform to the department, he seems focused on settling old grievances... read more.

The Hub

Fired deputy reinstated by Sheriff sues county

By Hugo Guzman | April 6

Los Angeles County leaders must now contend with a new development in the saga of Caren Carl Mandoyan, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy once accused of domestic violence, fired in 2016 by then-Sheriff Jim McDonnell... read more.


JNJ’s Faith & Race gathering highlights key local policy struggles

By Peter Laarman | April 6

JNJ’s March 21 “Faith & Race: Carry It On!” gathering at Lincoln Congregational Church drew a lively crowd of community members eager to get a handle on two big policy challenges facing anti-racism activists in LA County: how to convert a costly and ill-conceived jail construction plan into a plan that really does deliver needed mental health services, and how to push back against a new county sheriff who seems intent on undoing long-sought reforms at the LASD... read more.


Alex Villanueva says he is ‘assuming the proper role’ of an elected sheriff

By Matt Stiles | April 5

Since taking office in December, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has faced criticism over his decision to reinstate Caren Carl Mandoyan, a deputy fired over allegations of domestic violence and lying to internal investigators... read more.


L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva reinstates four more fired deputies

By Maya Lau & Matt Stiles | April 5

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has reinstated at least six deputies who were previously discharged, according to county documents obtained by The Times... read more.


Villanueva protégé sues County

April 5

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy whose reinstatement triggered a battle between the sheriff and the Board of Supervisors has filed a lawsuit against law enforcement officials and county leaders, alleging they withheld his pay and are unfairly trying to push him out of the department, it was reported Friday... read more.


Third deputy fired by former L.A. Sheriff and rehired by Villanueva is named

By Frank Stoltze | April 4

KPCC/LAist has identified the third deputy fired by former Sheriff Jim McDonnell and rehired by Sheriff Alex Villanueva... read more.



Sheriff Villanueva discusses deputy reinstatement, crime stats, etc.

ABC | April 9

There have been a lot of headlines, not all positive, including some controversy regarding some reinstatement of deputies... watch now.


Homeless man gets apartment with help from L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy

Spectrum News 1 | April 7

L.A. County Sheriff's deputies helping put the roofs over their heads... watch now.


Sheriff Villanueva reinstates four more deputies

KTLA | April 6

Sheriff Villanueva, already being criticized for rehiring two deputies accused of misconduct, has reinstated at least four more... watch now.


Caren Mandoyan, deputy at center of controversy over rehired sues County

KCAL | April 5

L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy who was controversially rehired by newly elected Sheriff Villanueva in December after being fired over domestic violence allegations has filed a civil lawsuit against county officials... watch now.



Sheriff Villanueva does not want to be based at the Hall of Justice
April 10


Worried about reinstating spree at the Sheriff’s department
April 9

New County office to get rid of the root of violence
April 6

Supervisor Kuehl says Sheriff cannot make any hiring decision he wants
April 5


Supervisor Ridley-Thomas concerned about more deputy reinstatements 
April 7

Sheriff Villanueva reinstated more deputies 
April 7

Deputy that was reinstated is suing L.A. County
April 5


More fired employees at the Sheriff’s department are getting their jobs back
April 8


Villanueva rehires two more deputies fired by Sheriff McDonnell
By Frank Stoltze | April 5

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