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Media Highlights

April 4, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

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Sheriff Villanueva has rehired another deputy fired for misconduct

By Frank Stoltze | April 4

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has reinstated a second deputy who was fired by his predecessor... read more.


Sheriff Villanueva reinstates a second deputy fired for misconduct

By Maya Lau | April 3

The deputy charged onto the scene and kicked the door of a truck, threatening to shoot the man inside. After yanking the man onto the ground, the lawman punched him several times in his back and shoulders as other officers... read more.


De-coding the case files of rehired LA Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Mandoyan

By Celeste Fremon | April 3

The past two weeks have been active ones in the unendingly controversial case of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan, the deputy fired by the LASD in 2016 under former Sheriff Jim McDonnell... read more.


LA, San Joachin County DA’s move to clear cannabis convictions

Press Release | April 3

District Attorneys Jackie Lacey of Los Angeles County and Tori Verber Salazar of San Joaquin County joined with Code for America on Monday to announce a cutting-edge, criminal justice reform partnership to automatically... read more.


Are LASD gangs terrorizing communities? L.A. County has no idea

By The Times Editorial Board | March 30

A Times story last July reported on allegations that secret cliques of violent, tattooed sheriff’s deputies continue to operate in stations around Los Angeles County and that one may have played a role in a fatal shooting in 2016. County leaders reacted with alarm, and appropriately so, because it had been generally thought that these sorts of dangerous deputy gangs had been stamped out following a series of reforms several years earlier.

It was necessary to find out if they had returned, or if indeed they had never left... read more.


No to Sheriff Villanueva’s attempt to usurp L.A. County’s civil service system

Readers React - Opinion | March 29

To the editor: Former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan was terminated for cause in 2016. On appeal, he had a full trial-type hearing and his termination was affirmed by the hearing officer and... read more.


Reinstated Deputy admitted to having tattoo linked to secret society

By Maya Lau & Matt Stiles | March 28

Investigators reviewing the case of Caren Carl Mandoyan, the L.A. County sheriff’s deputy fired for misconduct only to be reinstated recently by Sheriff Alex Villanueva, learned that he was a member of a secret society of deputies known as the Reapers... read more.


Deputy pleads guilty to leaving gun in 8-year-old son's backpack, sentenced to community service

By City News Service | April 3

A L.A. County sheriff's deputy who left a gun in his 8-year-old son's backpack a year ago pleaded guilty to an infraction and was immediately sentenced to 80 hours of community service... read more.



Sheriff’s deputy whose rehiring sparked controversy speaks of domestic abuse claims that got him fired

KTLA5 | Lauren Lyster | March 29

Though a Los Angeles County appeals board upheld then-Sheriff Jim McDonnell's decision to fire Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan in 2016 after he was accused of stalking and domestic abuse... watch now.


‘Nothing but lies:’ reinstated deputy speaks about domestic violence claims

KCAL9 | March 29

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy controversially reinstated to his position following allegations of domestic violence is speaking out... watch now.


Rehired LA sheriff's deputy fights back against stalking, abuse accusations

By Miriam Hernandez, Veronica Miracle & Lisa Bartley | ABC7 | March 29

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan has been vilified for nearly two months. He's been called a stalker and a liar and accused of domestic violence. Now, he's fighting back... watch now.


Deputy at center of scandal says 'my character has been assassinated'

By Eric Leonard | March 28

The LA County Deputy at the center of a legal dispute between the sheriff and the county supervisors says he’s not a monster and never physically harmed an ex-girlfriend... watch now.


Controversial reinstated deputy video

ABC7 | March 28

The embattled deputy has the support of the Sheriff, but the County wants him out. Carl Mandoyan is speaking out through his attorney about the controversial video and much more... watch now.


Sheriff Villanueva address controversies in the department

By Kareen Wynter | March 27

L.A. County's new sheriff, Alex Villanueva, held a news conference on Wednesday to address controversies surrounding his department, including decisions he's made in his four short months in office... watch now.


Video shows reinstated deputy trying to break into woman's home

Fox11 | March 28

Video released Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission shows recently reinstated sheriff's Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan trying to break into a former girlfriend's home... watch now.



More information of case of reinstated deputy
March 29

Sheriff Villanueva batting with commission that oversees his department over deputy cliques
March 28


Sheriff Villanueva is moving forward with reinstating another deputy
April 4

LA County Sheriff reinstates 2nd fired Sheriff’s Deputy
By City News Service | April 4

Deputy speaking out on allegations of domestic violence 
March 30


Sheriff Villanueva has given another deputy a second chance
April 4

What is ‘The Reapers’ secret society in the LA County Sheriff’s Department?
Hosted by Madeleine Brand | March 29

A story that just won't go away 
March 28

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Looking at Gangs Through A Different Prism: Sheriff Gangs


Since at least the 1970s, lawyers, reporters and oversight bodies have alleged that that “deputy gangs” operate within Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to the detriment of citizens’ civil rights. Despite this, LASD management has resisted investigating deputy gangs or acting to curtail gang-like behaviors by individual deputies. The panel will discuss the implications of allowing deputy gangs to continue operating with impunity and identify legal strategies to compel the prosecution to disclose whether a sheriff witness is a member of a deputy gang... watch now.