Media Highlights


Media Highlights

March 14, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage and social media on items concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

Flickr Feature: Board of Supervisors March 12 Meeting


Online News


Board instructs Sheriff to stop work of his truth & reconciliation commission

Media Release, Mark Ridley-Thomas | Mar. 12

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion directing County Counsel to evaluate the legality of Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s proposed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” and similar efforts to reevaluate discipline previously imposed on Sheriff’s Department personnel... read more.

Courthouse News

LA County leaders order hold on Sheriff’s review of officer firings

By Martin Macias Jr. | Mar. 12

The Board of Supervisors voted to freeze Sheriff Villanueva’s internal review of cases in which officers were terminated or disciplined for misconduct over concerns the process lacks transparency and could erode public trust... read more.


L.A. County calls for study of deputy cliques

By City News Service | Mar. 12

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to study cliques of tattooed sheriff’s deputies implicated in problems ranging from violence against jail inmates to harassing fellow members of the department... read more.


County wants to know whether Sheriff’s ‘truth and reconciliation’ panel is legal

By Maya Lau | Mar. 12

A key component of Sheriff Villanueva’s plans for revamping the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will come under new scrutiny after the county’s governing board moved Tuesday to examine the legality of a panel that approved the reinstatement of a fired deputy... read more.


Supervisor Solis says deputy cliques have plagued department for decades

By Celeste Fremon | Mar. 12

Supervisor Solis has decided it is way past time for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to deal with its deputy gang problem.

“The belief that secret subgroups exist has plagued the Sheriff’s Department for decades,” and now the problem must be “conclusively addressed for the sake of public trust and safety, deputy safety, and sheriff’s department morale,” Solis... read more.


The fight to get public records from L.A. County's Sheriff

By Annie Gilbertson, LAist | Mar. 11

L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva scored his upset victory last year on the promise he'd bring greater transparency to the historically troubled agency, which holds the tremendous power to accuse and arrest and is responsible for the wellbeing of those in its jail system.

But when KPCC/LAist sought records about those activities, a pattern emerged: routine delays or fees for records often provided more quickly and cheaply by other agencies... read more.


The new claims about a violent group of Sheriff's Deputies acting like a gang

By Paul Glickman | Mar. 8

L.A. County is again faced with allegations that a group of deputies operates as a criminal gang. Seven sheriff's deputies have filed claims against the county saying they've been harassed, bullied, intimidated and physically attacked by members of the Banditos gang of deputies... read more.


L.A. County deputies claim abuse by an East L.A. sheriff’s station ‘gang’

By Joel Rubin | Mar. 7

Late one night last September, a party for Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies was winding down. New deputies working in East L.A. were celebrating having successfully completed a probation period and their status as full-fledged members of the Sheriff’s Department... read more.


Sheriff’s station hosts town hall with Civilian Oversight Commission

By Wyatt Smith | Mar. 1

Local residents gathered at William S. Hart Park for the opportunity to share their questions, comments, and concerns with representatives of the Civilian Oversight Commission and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department... read more.


LA Sheriff backs release of police misconduct records

By Martin Macias Jr., Courthouse News | Feb. 27

A California law requiring public disclosure of police misconduct records has been challenged by police unions in courts across the state, but received support Wednesday from Sheriff... read more.



Legality of Sheriff Villanueva's 'truth and reconciliation' commission


L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva came under fire Tuesday from the County Board of Supervisors and faced tough questions about his controversial decision to rehire a colleague accused of domestic violence... watch now.


Sheriff's Homeless Liaison

Spectrum News 1

A Sheriff's deputies talks about his new assignment as homeless liaison, where he picks up homeless neighbors to bring them to resource fairs with hopes to connect them with services... watch now.


Sheriff Villanueva's 'Truth and Reconciliation' Reviews Put On Hold

By City News Service | Mar. 12

Decisions to fire as many as 400 deputies need to be reconsidered, but review by a "Truth and Reconciliation" panel is on hold, Sheriff Alex Villanueva told the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

"They're pretty much frozen right now," Villanueva said of the panel's work. "We actually do listen, despite what you read in the press..." watch now.


Town Hall at Hart Park

By SCVTV | Mar. 2

Commissioners Casimiro Tolentino and Sean Kennedy listen to residents at the Santa Clarita Valley Town Hall... watch now.



Study of Deputy Cliques
Mar. 13

Supervisors battle over deputy reinstatement
Mar. 13

Issues continue with tattooed Sheriff deputies
Mar. 8

New sheriff uniforms to be made of cotton
Feb. 28

Some deputies to start wearing body cameras by summer
Andrew Mollenbeck | Feb. 27


Supervisors voted to study cliques of deputies
Mar. 13

Supervisors ask if 'truth & reconciliation' panel is legal
Mar. 12

Supervisors ready to fire another volley in its legal battle with the Sheriff
Frank Stoltze | Mar. 11

Sheriff Villanueva says department on track to double new recruits
Frank Stoltze | Feb. 27


Tension over Truth & Reconciliation panel
Mar. 13

Supervisor Solis calls for comprehensive study of secret deputy cliques
Mar. 12

Deputies & recruits cannabis prohibition may change
Feb. 28


Sheriff Villanueva wants to review firing of hundreds of former employees

Mar. 12

Social Media







Sheriff Villanueva Press Conference

Facebook live | Feb. 27

Sheriff Alex Villanueva discusses current topics including: 

  • Body worn cameras
  • Station captain selection process & hiring updates
  • Ed Buck investigation
  • Mental Health Facility project update
  • METRO Contract
  • Civilian Oversight Commission, Immigration policy
  • New uniforms
  • Status of Caren Carl Mandoyan, Truth & Reconciliation Panel
  • SB1421 Making Records Public

... watch now.