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September 14, 2018


Sheriff McDonnell Promises 100% Sentence Served for Those Convicted of Gun Violence   

Today, Sheriff Jim McDonnell sent a clear, straightforward message: “If you are arrested and convicted for using a gun during the commission of a crime, or you are in illegal possession of a gun, you will serve your full statutory sentence in the County Jail.”


"Anytime. Anywhere. So Others Can Live"- Team of Reserve Deputies Launch Impact Team Directed at Reducing Crime

More specifically, the task force is assisting with theft and vehicle theft suppression, parole and probation operations, conducting traffic enforcement and writing incident reports.


LASD Follows Through on Promise to Reduce Crime Rates in City of Compton

The City of Compton has seen double-digit declines in gang-related shootings and homicides and an overall decrease in chronic violence, after a three-year partnership between the United States Department of Justice, Compton and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


Sheriff McDonnell Participates in Bell Ringing Ceremony During 9/11 Memorial

Sheriff McDonnell attended the LAFD 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center this morning.


Meet the Deputies That Saved the Life of a Toddler Who Had Stopped Breathing!

You may remember hearing about a Lakewood Sheriff Station deputy who observed a car driving erratically southbound on Lakewood Boulevard towards the 91 freeway. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and the driver quickly exited the vehicle holding a 9 month old baby boy. The deputy quickly assessed the baby and determined he was unresponsive and not breathing.


**Print Media** Sheriff McDonnell's Editorial on the Ongoing Fight Against Gun Violence

As of Aug. 15, just as students were ending summer vacation and returning to school, our Criminal Intelligence Bureau has received and reviewed 125 tips and leads related to school threats since Jan. 1. We know that is only a fraction of what all law enforcement jurisdictions are seeing across Southern California. Other agencies are documenting and investigating hundreds of threats.