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September 7, 2018


Ever Seen a Rescue Bird Land THIS CLOSE to the Side of a Mountain? Just Another Day for the Crew of Air 5

Rescuers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department made a dangerous rescue of a motorcyclist who went down an embankment.


A Neat Look at LASD's Arson and Explosives Detail, Keeping LA County Safe Above Ground and Underwater

Special Enforcement Bureau Sergeant Acevedo walks us through the daily activities of the Arson and Explosives Detail. 


LASD Fingerprint Technician Shows How to Lift Latent Prints From Surface

Each day, the LASD Crime Lab is inundated with fingerprints lifted from crime scenes, in hopes of finding a match in AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), and getting an ID for a possible suspect. Due to the large amount of evidence received by the lab, it may take up to three months from the time prints are lifted from a scene and the time results come back at the lab.


"LA Found" Utilizes GPS Technology to Locate Missing Persons Afflicted With Alzheimer's, Autism

“L.A. Found” is a groundbreaking initiative to help quickly locate people with autism, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease when they wander and go missing. 


Compton Station YAL "Blue and Gold" Boxing Tournament a Huge Success   

Sold out crowds visited the Compton Youth Activity League center to cheer on some of the areas best youth pugilists August 31 thru Sept 2. Many Compton city officials as well as LASD representatives enjoyed the event commenting on how we have made great strides in establishing community bonds, especially our youth.


LASD Special Victims Bureau Capt. Marquez Discusses Arrest of Lakewood High Attempted Rape Suspect

Suspect Cooper was ultimately arrested for assault with intent to commit rape, robbery of an adult female in Bellflower and attempt rape of a juvenile at Lakewood High School last Friday.