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July 6, 2018


Son of Slain On-Duty LASD Deputy Graduates from Academy, Vows to Make Father Proud

At six years old, Joseph was a very little boy when he lost his father, Deputy Stephen Wayne Blair. It was Friday, May 12, 1995, when the senior Deputy Blair was fatally shot by a gang member during a pedestrian stop in Lynwood. His brutal and untimely death changed Joseph’s life forever, but it created a drive in him to be more like the father he missed growing up.


Awesome Aerial Time-Lapse Video of Simultaneous Fireworks Displays Throughout LA County 

This time-lapse video also represents the complexities that the various fire departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the county deal with related to the use of fireworks. While some cities allow fireworks to be sold and used, most areas do not. Every year, the event puts heavy demands on our dispatch centers, as we take calls for service relating to fireworks.


LASD Narcotics Teams Bust Illegal Dispensaries That Don't Want To Play by the Rules

Legal pot shops are losing customers who can get products more cheaply at illegal outlets that don’t charge or pay taxes, said Adam Spiker, executive director of the Southern California Coalition, a trade organization that represents cannabis growers, distributors and dispensary owners.


Search and Rescue Team Recruitment Video- Ready to Join?!

Here is a quick look at our volunteer teams of Reserve Deputy Sheriffs and Rescue Specialists who dedicate their heart, time, and energy into the service of others.


Cool Toy Alert- LASD's SEB Highlights the Unit's Tactical Caterpillar or 'Tac-Cat'

This amazing piece of equipment has the ability to move vehicles, fences, pull security screen doors, and push open interiors doors. These tasks can safely be accomplished with the use of an arm extension, which has a reaching distance up to 20 feet. 


Impromptu Game of Street Volleyball Breaks Out During Santa Clarita Sheriff Foot Patrol

Getting out of the car and walking through apartment complexes and the community takes law enforcement back to the traditional ways of patrol -- when "foot beat" was common in police work.


Sheriff McDonnell Sits With Channel 7 for Weekly Discussion- Topics Include Death of Lancaster Child and Murder at Malibu Creek State Park

A brief 3 minute clip to keep you appraised of important issues in the news this week.


Video Shows Lancaster Deputy Rescuing Frightened Kitten Off Freeway Overpass- Deputy Decides to Adopt Him

Deputy Driscoll carefully approached the kitten while his partner recorded the rescue on his cellphone. Concerned for his partner’s safety, Deputy Ornelas uttered, “He’s going to bite you, bro!” the statement read. The deputy was undeterred and safely got the kitten into his arms. Blue, as the feline was named, is in good health and has been adopted by the Driscoll family.