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April 26, 2024


The 9.1-mile, four-station Glendora to Pomona project segment is now 85% complete, and continues to be on time and on budget to be completed and turned over to LA Metro in just eight months. As part of the ongoing progress, the project reached a major milestone this month, when crews completed installation of a critical element of the light rail system: the train control system. Meanwhile, just east of the operational APU/Citrus College station in Azusa, crews this month began work to connect the new light rail tracks from Glendora to Pomona with the existing Metro A Line, as work continues throughout the corridor and crews prepare to start testing the light rail system this coming summer.

In addition, the approximately 15-month procurement process to hire the design-build team for the 3.2-mile, two-station Pomona to Montclair project segment continues to be underway, following last month’s release of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

Read on to learn more about current construction activities underway from Glendora to Pomona and the latest on our efforts to ready the Pomona to Montclair segment for construction.

Milestone Reached: Light Rail Train Control System Installation Completed


The new light rail system from Glendora to Pomona is comprised of three major elements: the tracks, power system and train control system. The tracks were completed last year, and this month, crews completed the installation of the train control system - while also nearing completion on the power system.

The newly-installed train control system is a critical safety element for the new light rail line, and is made up of equipment, underground cables, signals and sensors placed throughout the corridor that monitor train movement; provide alerts to personnel in the trains or at control centers; and control the crossing gates and signals.


Photos: Crews over the past year installing bungalows, miles of underground cables, track sensors and signals for the light rail train control system

As seen in the photos above, over the past year, crews have installed numerous bungalows that house the train control equipment, miles of underground cables, and signals and sensors along the tracks and crossings (to name a few major elements). Altogether, they comprise the train control system.

The completion of installation of the train control system adds to the many milestones already achieved on the project, including the completion of the 19 new or renovated bridges; reconstruction of the 21 at-grade crossings; construction of the new light rail tracks; relocation of the freight track; and acquisition of all necessary real estate.

Four New Stations

The four new light rail stations are now nearly 70% complete overall. Nearly all station canopies are now installed, while work continues on the station platforms and associated parking facilities. Working out of their studios and fabrication facilities, each station’s artist/artist team continues to bring their art pieces to reality, as they prepare them for installation.

All four stations will be center platform stations, with a track on each side – one for westbound trains, and one for eastbound trains – and each station’s parking facility will feature amenities for riders arriving by bike, walking, bus and drop-off.

Glendora Station


Photos: (top) Crews installing art column structures at future Glendora station; (bottom) Foothill Gold Line CEO Habib F. Balian and Glendora station artist Michael Hillman

Crews have installed the four remaining art column structures at the plaza area of the future Glendora station (the first four were installed on the station platform last year). The art column structures were designed by Glendora station artist Michael Hillman, and inspired by columns found at the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House in Barcelona, Spain. Michael will return at a later date to install decorative tiles onto the columns.


Photo: Crews installing informational screens at future Glendora station platform

On the station platform, crews continue to install the message board signs and informational screens that will provide future riders arrival times and more, as seen in the photo above.


Photo: Crews constructing walkway to pedestrian undercrossing to future Glendora station

Progress also continues on access to the pedestrian undercrossing, which will safely allow future passengers access to the station platform from the east and south by walking under the freight track and eastbound light rail track. As seen in the photo above, crews recently completed the retaining wall for the walkway to the undercrossing, and are now grading the walkway.


Photo: Future Glendora station parking facility construction underway

Just south of the future station and pedestrian undercrossing, crews continue to construct the station parking facility, and are currently carrying out underground utility work, as seen in the photo above.

San Dimas Station


Photos: (top) Future San Dimas station underway; (bottom) Crews installing informational screens at the station platform

At the future San Dimas station, crews are currently installing the message board signs and informational screens throughout the station platform that will provide future riders arrival times and more, as seen in the photo above.


Photos: Future San Dimas station parking facility underway

Across the street and west of the future San Dimas station, crews continue to construct the station parking facility (previously the site of the former San Dimas Park & Ride lot). As seen in the photo above, crews are currently carrying out underground utility work throughout the site.


Photos: (top) Progress of "walking stick" art sculptures by San Dimas station artist team of Eugene and Anne Olsen Daub; (bottom, left to right) Foothill Gold Line CEO Habib F. Balian, San Dimas station artists Eugene and Anne Olsen Daub, Foothill Gold Line Art Manager Lesley Elwood, and Foothill Gold Line Construction Manager Habib Charbel

Construction Authority staff recently visited the studio of the San Dimas station artist team of Eugene Daub and Anne Olsen Daub to review the progress on their “walking stick” sculptures, as seen in the photos above. Eugene and Anne are currently completing the sculpting in clay for each walking stick, and will soon send these molds to a foundry for casting. Four of these eight-foot-tall, bronze sculptures will be installed at the future station platform. The walking sticks will feature the history and motifs of the natural environment, architecture and character of San Dimas, and seek to evoke a sense of discovery and exploration among future riders. One of the walking sticks will feature the words “Experience the Beauty” - a phrase that was provided to Eugene and Anne as part of the community's description of San Dimas.

La Verne Station


Photos: (top) Canopies at future La Verne station painted to their final color; (bottom) Metal roof installation atop the main boarding canopy

With the canopies now fully installed at the future La Verne station, crews are painting the canopies to their final color, as seen in the photo above. Installation of the metal roof atop the main boarding canopy is also now underway. Following the completion of this work, crews will install the decorative diamond-shaped shingles as the final roof layer to complete the main boarding canopy. For the ticketing area canopies to the west and east, crews will also soon begin installing on top the glass panels that feature citrus-inspired patterns.


Photo: Future La Verne station parking facility and plaza area underway

To the south of the future station, construction continues on the station parking facility. As seen in the photo above, crews are now grading the surface for both the future surface parking lot and station plaza area.

Pomona Station


Photos: Crews installing canopy structures at future Pomona station

Crews have begun installing the canopy structures at the future Pomona station. It is the last set of station canopies to be installed for the Glendora to Pomona project. As seen in the photos above, crews have installed the main boarding canopy, and will soon install the canopies for the ticketing areas at the west and east entrances to the station platform.


Photo: Crews reconstructing the center section of the Metrolink parking lot between the future Pomona light rail station and Pomona North Metrolink station

Just south of the future station, crews continue to rebuild the existing parking area for the Pomona North Metrolink station. Late last year, crews completed the necessary work at the easternmost section of the parking lot to allow it to reopen for use, and then moved on to rebuilding the center section. The center section remains fully closed during construction through May 10, temporarily eliminating vehicle thru traffic and creating two temporary parking areas (one on the east side of the closed section and one on the west side). Following the reopening of the center section in mid-May, crews will close the westernmost section. For information on the ongoing closure and work, click here.

Completing and Connecting the New Light Rail System

With the new tracks and train control system installation completed, the light rail system is now closer than ever to being ready for the train testing that’s set to commence this summer. Crews still have two major tasks to complete before train testing can begin: connecting the operational Metro A Line with the new Glendora to Pomona project, and completing the light rail power system (now 91% complete). Both are currently underway.


Photos: (top, facing west) Crews cutting into the existing terminus light rail tracks of the Metro A Line; (bottom, facing east) Crews carrying out underground utility work

Just east of the last operational station on the Metro A Line in Azusa, crews have begun work to connect the A Line with the new light rail system from Glendora to Pomona. As seen in the photo above, crews began the work by cutting into the existing tracks at the A Line terminus in order to build and later merge the new and existing tracks. Currently, crews are completing underground utility work before constructing the connecting track system, as seen in the photo above.


Photo: Crews completing work on the overhead wires in Glendora

As mentioned earlier, the light rail power system is also now nearing completion. As seen in the photo above, crews are completing work on the last few miles of overhead wires across the nearly 350 overhead catenary system poles that span the project corridor. The overhead wires will provide power to the light rail trains when the train’s pantograph comes into contact with the wire (light rail trains run on electricity).

Ongoing Crossing Work and Safety Improvements


Photo: Crews utilizing lane closures to construct median barrier for new Lone Hill Ave. light rail bridge in Glendora

Throughout the project, crews have returned to various grade crossings to complete remaining work on the bridges, roadways, sidewalks and safety improvements.

Crews will continue to implement intermittent lane closures in Glendora on Route 66 between Hunters Trail and Compromise Line Rd. (click here for notice) and at the Lone Hill Ave. crossing (click here for notice); in San Dimas at the San Dimas Ave. crossing (click here for notice); and in Pomona at the Garey Ave. crossing (click here for notice - available in Spanish). Additionally, in Glendora, at the Elwood Ave./Foothill Blvd. intersection, there is a full road closure of Elwood Ave. to install new traffic signals (click here for notice).


Photo: Crews conducting nighttime testing of new crossing safety equipment at Pasadena Ave. crossing in Glendora

Additionally, last month crews began conducting extensive testing of the new crossing safety equipment, gate arms and signals at all 21 at-grade crossings, as seen in the photo above. Crews have now completed the testing at most of the crossings, and are currently conducting this work at the Fulton Rd. crossing in La Verne and Pomona (click here for notice). This testing is to ensure the quad gates will fully close off the intersection when a train is approaching to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the crossing. If you haven’t already, the Construction Authority released a video earlier in the project about the quad gates and how the system is built for safety. Watch it by clicking here.

Preparing First Responders for the Glendora to Pomona Project


Photos: Construction Authority staff providing tour (top) and training (bottom) to help familiarize first responders with new light rail system

As the project’s construction winds down over the next eight months, and testing of the new light rail system is underway, an important piece of completing the project is making sure first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics, etc.) understand how to navigate the corridor, trains and stations in cases of emergencies. As part of the project’s Fire Life Safety coordination, Construction Authority staff have been providing tours and training to help first responders familiarize themselves with the access (enter) and egress (exit) points along the corridor and at the future stations, as seen in the photo above. In addition, Construction Authority staff have been visiting fire stations that serve the corridor cities to provide further in-depth training on the light rail system, as well as going through emergency scenarios. Later this year, first responders will conduct emergency drills with test trains on the project as part of their preparation.

To see more of these and other activities that took place this past month, click here or below to watch the latest project highlight video.


Pomona to Montclair Procurement Process Underway


Graphics: Artist renderings of future Foothill Gold Line stations in Claremont (top) and Montclair (bottom)

The approximately 15-month procurement process to hire the design-build team for the final 3.2-mile, two-station project segment from Pomona to Montclair (that includes the Claremont and Montclair stations) continues to be underway, following last month’s release of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The requested Statement of Qualifications are due in June, with the Construction Authority expected to announce the shortlist of proposers in July. Only those teams included on the shortlist will move on to bid on the project.

As a reminder, in late-December 2023, Metro submitted a full funding request to CalSTA for the funding needed to complete the Los Angeles County portion of the project. CalSTA is the agency overseeing the $4 billion funding program (SB125) for transit capital projects statewide that was approved by the state legislature and governor last summer. $1 billion of the program is expected to be allocated to projects in Los Angeles County over the next few years. An official announcement by CalSTA is expected before the end of this month.

Once funding is secured and a design-build team hired, the shovel-ready Pomona to Montclair segment will take approximately five years to complete.

To stay updated on the ongoing Pomona to Montclair design-build and other procurements, click here to sign up for Contracting Opportunities Updates.

Foothill Gold Line Booth at Saturday's Earth Day Event in San Dimas

Foothill Gold Line and KPJV staff will be hosting an information booth at this Saturday's San Dimas Arbor & Earth Day event. Stop by our booth to ask staff questions and learn more about the Foothill Gold Line. See below for more information on the event.


WHEN: Saturday, April 27 - 10 AM to 1 PM
WHERE: San Dimas Civic Center
245 E. Bonita Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773

Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. We appreciate your patience as we build this important regional project.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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