Foothill Gold Line E-News Update – 2022 Year-End Review; What to Expect in 2023

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December 28, 2022

2022 Year-End Review


As we reach the end of 2022, we first want to thank our project neighbors and partners for your patience this past year as much of the heavy construction for the project was taking place. This past year, crews have been working throughout the 9.1-mile project corridor, reconstructing grade crossings, building bridges, relocating and installing new tracks, constructing stations and much more. In 2022, many of these activities were completed or nearly completed. The freight track, for instance, has now been fully relocated to its new position within the shared corridor, and the light rail track installation is more than 60% complete. The impactful grade crossing reconstruction work at the project’s 21 at-grade crossings is now 96% complete, and the miles of sound and retaining walls being built are nearly two-thirds done. The 19 project bridges are nearly 90% complete, with three of the four new light rail bridges built over major city streets now complete. And the four new stations are starting to take shape, with the station artists hard at work behind the scenes fabricating their public art pieces.

Overall, the project has reached 63% construction completion as the year comes to a close; and the project remains on budget and on schedule for an early-2025 turn over to LA Metro for training and pre-revenue service.

Here’s a look at some of the year’s project highlights:

Freight Track Relocation: Completed


Photo: Freight train on relocated freight track at site of future Pomona station

This past summer, crews successfully completed relocation of the freight track that was previously located in the middle of the corridor to its new position within the now-shared corridor. With the freight track relocated, crews were able to begin installing the light rail tracks throughout the corridor (more on the light rail tracks below).

Delivery of All Rail Needed for Project: Completed


Photos: Rail delivery train offloading rail sticks throughout the corridor

During the summer, the remaining rail sticks needed for the project were delivered and distributed. Brought in by a specialty train, each stick was 1,600-feet-long, and delivered to various locations along the 9.1-mile corridor by a crew that is dedicated to this type of work. This third and final rail delivery was mostly for the light rail track installation, which is already nearly two-thirds complete.

Grade Crossings: Long-Term Reconstruction of 20 (Out of 21) Crossings Completed


Photos: Reconstructed grade crossings at (top) Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. intersection in San Dimas and (bottom) Wheeler Ave. in La Verne

One of the most community impactful activities needed for the project is when crews reconstruct each of the at-grade crossings (crossings where trains travel at street level). To complete this work, each crossing requires long-term street closures to allow crews space to relocate and protect the underground utilities, relocate the freight track, install new light rail tracks, make safety improvements, construct new medians and rebuild the roadway. As we end 2022, all but one of the 21 total project at-grade crossings has now undergone reconstruction. Only Garey Ave. in Pomona remains to be fully reconstructed. Some work at Garey Ave. has been completed through long-term lane closures; but in early 2023, Garey Ave. will need to be fully closed for several weeks to complete the reconstruction activities that could not be done under lane closures. Stay tuned for more information in the new year.

NOTE: While the most impactful reconstruction activities are completed at the crossings, crews will return to many crossings next year to complete remaining work. Some crossings will experience short-term full, directional or lane closures. The community will be notified ahead of time of these activities.

Bridges: 18 (Out of 19) New or Renovated Bridges Completed


Photos: Light rail bridges at (top) Foothill Blvd./Grand Ave. intersection and (bottom) Route 66 in Glendora

Crews have now completed 18 of the 19 new or renovated bridges to be built along the 9.1-mile corridor. Some are for the freight system, while others are for the light rail system. Most span small waterways or channels, but four are new light rail bridges that will take trains over major city streets. The lone (pun intended) remaining bridge to be completed is the Lone Hill Ave. flyover bridge in Glendora, which is nearly complete. Crews are currently utilizing nighttime full closures of Lone Hill Ave. at the railroad crossing to remove the falsework and other structures that were temporarily supporting the super-structure as it was being built.

For more information on the nightly full street closures that will occur from the night of December 27 thru the night of January 8, click here.


Photos: Light rail bridges over (top) Lone Hill Ave. in Glendora and (bottom) Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. intersection in San Dimas

To see more of these and other activities that took place this past month, click here or below to watch the latest project highlight video.


Looking Ahead to 2023: What to Expect

As we close out 2022, much of the risky work activities that could impact the project being completed on time are mostly behind us. In 2023, we expect nearly all of the remaining major construction work to be completed; and by the end of the year the project and its operations and communications systems will start being tested.

Here are some of the milestones to expect in 2023:

Completion of Light Rail Track and Power System


Photos: Crews installing new light rail tracks throughout the corridor

Crews are currently installing the new light rail tracks throughout the corridor, and have completed 63% of the installation. The power for the light rail system will come from the Traction Power Substations (TPSS) that are being installed about a mile apart throughout the corridor. The TPSS converts AC power from the local utility into DC power that then travels through the overhead wires to power the light rail system. Crews recently installed the sixth of eight TPSS on the project, and will finish installing the remaining two in 2023 along with the poles and overhead catenary system itself.


Photo: Crews installing Traction Power Substation unit


Completion of Four New Light Rail Stations


Photos: Crews constructing new light rail stations in Glendora (top) and San Dimas (bottom)

Crews are currently about one-quarter complete with the four new light rail stations (Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne and Pomona). At the first three stations, crews have completed nearly all of the platform deck work, while at the Pomona station site, crews are currently completing underground utility work before moving on to constructing the station platform. It is anticipated that all four stations will be completed by late 2023.


Photos: (top) La Verne station platform; (bottom) Crews installing underground conduit for future Pomona station


News on Pomona to Montclair Funding

At LA Metro’s December board meeting, the Metro board unanimously approved including the Foothill Gold Line as one of three county priority projects to apply for state grant funding to complete the final segment of the Foothill Gold Line from Pomona to Montclair. Since that decision, the Construction Authority and Metro submitted a joint application to CalSTA for the grant, and decisions are expected in late January 2023.

We want to thank our state legislators, county supervisors, Construction Authority and Metro board members and staff, and the local officials and organizations that provided letters and spoke in support of including the project as part of the county’s request. Their continued support is meaningful and essential to the project’s success in this effort.

In case you missed them, these articles provide more information about the prioritization of projects and grant funding request: San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Claremont Courier (both articles may require subscription).

Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. We appreciate your patience as we build this important regional project, and we wish you a very safe and Happy New Year.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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2022 Year-End Review

Looking Ahead to 2023: What to Expect


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